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Beginners Guides: Repairing a Cracked / Broken Notebook LCD Screen
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- PDP PC5600 DDR
- CompactFlash Compared
- CCX2 Workstation
- Zalman CNPS9500
- Writemaster 16x16x
- Intel P4-D 840
- PCstats Weekly Tips
AMD X2 4800+ SLI Workstation Benchmarked!

Wondering how an Athlon64 X2 4800+ handles workstation applications and games with an SLI videocard setup? We were, until we tested this massive Canada Computers Rig. A comparison of the Athlon64 X2 4800+ against the Pentium D 840 is also worth a quick look. Samsung bust out a 16X external DVD burner which recently crossed the test bench, along with a set of PC5600 DDR from Patriot Memory and the ABIT AN8-SLI motherboard. Getting the best from high speed CompactFlash memory cards and digital cameras isn't as simple as looking for the fastest CF card.... the camera has to support those speeds first. PCSTATS has this round-up of CompactFlash cards, tested with several classes of camera, that explains the Catch22 of it all. Last but not least, the Zalman CNPS9500 LED low noise heatsink gets put through the paces on your friendly neighbourhood Frostytech.

If you know of anyone faced with data recovery from a salt water-logged PC due to the recent hurricane, all may not be lost. PCstats own guide to hard drive data recovery certainly won't help in situations of water damage, but professional data recovery services may actually be able to recover the data. Some handling tips for salty hard drives are posted here, from one such service.

Patriot Memory PDC1G5600ELK PD5600 DDR Memory Review

One such company to introduce a platform specific set of performance tuned PC5600 'DDR700' RAM is Patriot Memory. The companies' newest dual channel DDR modules are fast; a default speed of 350 MHz! In fact, these new DDR DIMMs are so fast that we are approaching DDR2-level speeds here.... Ironically, the new super high speed DDR700 DIMMs also have DDR2-type latencies.Continue Here>>

ABIT AN8-SLI nForce4-SLI Motherboard Review

Based on the nVidia nForce4 SLI chipset, the ABIT AN8-SLI supports any current and future Socket 939 AMD Athlon64/FX/X2 processor on the market. Its four DDR RAM slots can be installed with up to 4GB of PC3200 DDR RAM, and thanks to the two physical PCI Express x16 slots, two videocards can run in SLI mode for pixel kicking speeds that boggle the mind. The most eye catching feature of the ABIT AN8-SLI is its heatpipe cooled NF4 SLI chipset, which takes up the remainder of the I/O space, but we will get into that a bit later. Overall the layout of the motherboard is decent, although there are a few things that leave me scratching my head.Continue Here>>

CompactFlash Card Roundup: 1GB Models

Buying the right CF card for your digital camera can be difficult, well mostly confusing since there are size, type and speed considerations to wrap your head around first. But, it should be noted that the digital cameras themselves also have a maximum writing speed. In some cases, buying the fastest CompactFlash card won't help because the digital camera becomes the limiting factor... so it can pay to do a little digging into your manual to know the limits of your digital camera. In this roundup of 1GB CompactFlash cards, PCSTATS will be testing out four CF memory cards of various speeds, as well as a 1GB IBM Microdrive hard disk, with an eye to comparing their performance in digital cameras as well as various data transfer tasks.Continue Here>>

Canada Computers Content Creator X2 Workstation System Review

In the workstation arena, dual processor or SMP systems are common, and much of the software written for dual processor systems is compatible with dual core processors. Processors like AMDs 64-bit Athlon64 X2 series - dual core processors which are 32/64-bit operating system compatible - are a prime example. In this system review, we'll be turning to Canada Computer's top of the line AMD X2 system, the Content Creator X2 + SLI Bundle. Built around a top of the line 2.4GHz dual core Athlon64 X2 4800+ CPU, and pre-installed with Microsoft WindowsXP Professional, the system should have plenty of potential pixel kicking power for anyone involved in heavy duty new media or content work.Continue Here>>

Zalman CNPS9500 LED Heatsink Review

The Zalman CNPS9500 LED heatsink is compatible with all current AMD and Intel socket formfactors (including Sockets 775, 478, 939, 940, 754), and weighs in at roughly 530grams. The heatsink is voluminous, but designed to operate quietly and cool under low noise, low fan-speed conditions. At full speed, its translucent 92mm diameter fan spins at conservative 2600RPM, but turn down the dial on the FanMate 2 and that speed drops to 1350RPM. Three heatpipes bent into a figure-eight form the backbone of the CNPS9500 LED heatsink, and the rest of the design is simply form following function to a "T." Continue Here>>

Samsung WriteMaster SE-W164 16x16x External DVD Writer Review

The Samsung WriteMaster SE-W164 is a USB 2.0 only device and sports a rather impressive maximum writing speed of 16x for single layer DVD media, 8x DVD+R DL burning, and 4x for DVD-R DL burning. That is smoking fast even when compared to today's internal DVD burners. One thing to consider is that while the drive is USB 1.x backwards compatible (it is USB2.0 itself), burning DVD media is out of the question since USB 1.x can only move a maximum of 11Mbps.... way to slow. Continue Here>>

Intel Pentium D 840 Dual-Core LGA775 Processor Review

The flagship Intel Pentium D 840 processor, clocked at a respectable 3.2GHz and built on the 90nm process uses a pair of Prescott cores running at 16 x 200MHz to bring multi-processing to the desktop in a LGA775 pinless package. The Intel Pentium D 840 has a maximum power requirement of 130Watts (as opposed to 169million transistors and 115W for the 3.8GHz P4 670). Each core has access to its own L1 and L2 cache memory, 16KB and 1MB respectively. Continue Here>>

PCstats Weekly Tech Tips: Tell IE to forget it!
I'm a big fan of IE's auto complete feature, but occassionally I prefer my digital tracks be silent.... as it's not always appropriate for a computer to save all this data. For instance, if a computers is used by multiple people at work, its users would probably prefer that information like banking information (such as log in IDs/passwords) are not automatically saved for easy access.

Luckily PCSTATS has an easy fix for this; first load up your internet options by opening up IE then clicking the 'Tools' menu and selecting 'Internet Options'. Click on the 'Content' tab then the 'AutoComplete...' button. From there unchceck the 'User names and passwords on forms' box and press the Ok button twice.

From now on IE will no longer prompt users to save sensitive passwords. ;-) If you do save something by accident, go to the same place and click the 'Clear Passwords' button and Windows will purge all passwords stored by IE.

All of the PCstats Weekly Tech Tips have been archived in the Forums for your reference.

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