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Beginners Guides: Repairing a Cracked / Broken Notebook LCD Screen

Fujitsu Biblo Loox Specs

Fujitsu Biblo Loox Specs - PCSTATS
Abstract: While Sony seems to have beaten them to the punch with the Crusoe-powered VAIO series (which will be available in North America) the Biblo Loox are looking kinna cool in their own light.
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External Mfg. Website: Fujitsu Oct 06 2000   Max Page  
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Translated Biblo Loox Press Release


The モ bi- Lu personal computer which worldwide beginning and high-speed 64 KBPS wireless data communication facility standard is built in It offers " the FMV-BIBLOLOOX (ルークス) " 2 types - It actualizes also the long battery life of longest 8 hours with the adoption of Transmeta corporation make CPU,

The モ bi- Lu personal computer " FMV-BIBLOLOOX (ルークス) (* 1) " 2 type (S series and T series) 4 models of the new concept where this corporation recently, " anytime and, the comfortable internet actualized anywhere ", are developed, sale is consecutively started from November 1st, 2000.

As for " LOOX (????) " series, DDI pocket corporation 9 On the 25th it announces simultaneously " H"IN (Edge in) " (* 2) it orresponds, (* 3) by the fact that internet connected function of the high-speed 64 KBPS (* 4) is built in to the substance, " fusion with the personal computer and the communications network " it has implemented. You walk " the LOOX " with, time and exceed space, even existence of network without being conscious, you are possible to access the unlimited information of the internet. In addition, in order to implement long battery drive and light weight conversion, as for this corporation the economical electrical CPU " Crusoe of the Transmeta corporation (Tm)

" LOOX S " the series puts emphasis on ? bi- Lu communication, we pursue portable characteristic. Small size 8.8 type Wide of easy to see new development XGA (1024 x 512 dots) the liquid crystal was adopted light, it is a A5 compact size of 980 g. We can implement the long battery life of maximum approx. 8 hour, (* 6) ahead going out with confidence without designating battery remaining amount as the air, we can utilize.

" LOOX The T " the series, ? the bi- Lu multimedia in keyword, DVD to load drive unit and 10 type liquid crystal (1280 x 600), the Offic e2000 Pre- we install the Personal. Having in spite even in the personal computer which you walk we have condensed the function which is equal to the former full equipment note personal computer, to A5 file size.

Furthermore also both types, ? bi- Lu inter- net furthermore high map software " professional atlas 2001 (nationwide edition) " industry Standard (* 7) we are on-board for the first time in boundary. Because of this, mosquito With full on the easy to see map you take from the internet and are Repeating up-to-date town information and the information etc of traffic, to display, movement You use, the " personal navigation tool " with it does, It can utilize.

Furthermore, " the LOOX (????) " series foresees new times In the streamlined forum which it can point " cool Silver color " by the fact that it allots, we have made the design which is conscious of the fact that always it carries.

Merit of new commodity

LOOX series common merit

(1) High-speed 64 KBPS wireless data communication facility loading (S5 / 53 W, T5 / 53 W)

It corresponds to 64 KBPS data communication service which the DDI pocket corporation offers It did, " H"IN module " standard loading. Because of this it stabilizes, With communication environment, as the portable communication terminal data communication of most speed It to be possible to do, when and where, easily internet. It is possible to enjoy the net.

The opening, it communicates immediately
Without connection of the telephone and the communication card, data communication immediately It can do.

Also radio wave state of the place where now it is immediately check possibility
The lamp which combines the ON/OFF switch of communication facility the substance back mosquito In bar equipment. With lighting up, blinking and going out of lamp radio wave state apparent You can verify sense.

* It posts also mail arrival to real time with the lamp
The DDI pocket corporation offers " H " When the mail reaches LINK (edge link) " by utilizing E mail service, the lamp lights up automatically, " real time " with we post. In addition, it receives the E mail which reaches instantaneously, automatically verifies contents.

To make a contract the H"IN with the online, immediately comfort communication
Industry beginning and telephone number of H"IN are acquired with the online " the H"IN ? You prepare the rise " software. Name and address, credit mosquito Necessary information such as number just is inputted with simplicity operation the be able to raise, from that day which is bought data communication facility interest It is possible.

(Note) the joining examination by the DDI pocket is done. When the internet is utilized, separate professional bi- ダ contract becomes necessary.

1)The Transmeta corporation make, you adopt low electric power consumption CPU

Long time drive of the battery and miniaturization of the commodity are actualized low electric power consumption CPU, Transmeta corporation make " Crusoe (Tm) processor " with adoption.

2)You adopt the new color which designates the silver as base * You adopt cool silver color for the smart forum which adopts the magnesium alloy.

3)It offers 2 models

* You prepare the H"2 models of the IN module on-board model and the portable telephone connected model (modem model).
* It attaches the cable (USB) for carrying telephone connection to the portable telephone connected model.

4) Internet & map full application " Professional atlas 2001 (nationwide edition) " (* 7) it loads onto the personal computer for the first time in industry. In addition to the visibility in the map, we actualize the up-to-date information on the internet, and the smooth cooperation in the map show power with モ bi- Lu utilization.

5) Abundant installation software

Other than internet-related software, video editing, picture place It fully load reason, music and the dictionary etc.

Main on-board software
* " @ mail " The Fujitsu individual mail software which: it is easy to use, to operate is easy
* " @ brow the " : The Fujitsu individual internet perusal software whose 2 picture simultaneous displays which utilize the wide liquid crystal are possible
* " Panasonic motion dvstudio 2.0 " It can edit: digital video (only LOOXT)
* " Jet-audioplayer ": multifunctional digital audio software
* The " @ image mansion ": picture processing of the digital photograph is simple
* " Super integrated dictionary 2000 ":
Wide quitting/words Sono (fifth edition), dictionary in new English-Japanese Kazuhide, Chinese character source, elementary knowledge 2000 of reality substitute language Set commodity

Merit of LOOX S series

1) Easily and comfortably, it carries As the モ bi- Lu PC important size * light * we pursued long time drive.8.8 Type Wide xga (1,024 x 512 dots) the TFT liquid crystal of correspondence is loaded, after guaranteeing sufficient visibility, the place is not chosen and it can carry with ease, A5 compact size [ width 243 (mm) x depth 151 (mm) ], approximately 980 g which are less than 1 kg (*) were actualized.In addition, besides the fact that usually, battery drive time of maximum approximately 4 hours is actualized, if the built-in battery pack (L) of selling separately is utilized, maximum approximately 8 hours (*) be able to use, ahead going out, you can utilize without designating battery time as the air.(*:LOOX S5 / in case of 53)

2) Comfortable operativity
In order to assure the compatibility of miniaturization and operativity, the keyboard anew We designed.
In the ergonomics design which seriously considered ease of use, the key approx. 16 mm, we to implement key stroke 2 mm, the party we implement the comfortable typing.

3) ) The one-touch button (the mail arrival lamp to attach) it loads

The one-touch button is equipped 1, the E mail is done with button 1 You can use in the.
As for E mail button, simple mail software " @ ? of standard loading Lu " with we have cooperated, being automatic, to check the mail, the report It is we inform about the mail with the arrival lamp.

Merit of LOOX T series

(1) With AV cooperation, it can enjoy image and music even with ? bi- Lu environment DVD-ROM drive and Wide We load 10 type TFT liquid crystal of SXGA correspondence, we are possible the abundant DVD video software in the wide picture such as movie and music to enjoy. In addition, the three-dimensional acoustic 5.1 CH Dolby digital playback to which many of movie title of the DVD correspond also the sound which the appearance impression overflows with the Dolby head phone function which can be enjoyed easily by the head phone, has force can enjoy. 

(2) Miniaturization, it implements high function. In addition to the visibility by 10 type large picture liquid crystal, DVD-ROM drive Loading / equipping etc the multimedia interface, large With the function which is a match to the notebook although, the A5 Lu size [ width 264 (mm) x depth 183 (mm) ], light it implements approx.1.5 kg The ? it is. 
 (3) The one-touch button (the mail arrival lamp to attach) it loads

4) to equip the one-touch button, with button 1 the internet To, the E mail, various software can be used immediately. 

The new lineup (as for price it becomes all open prices)

1) " FMV-BIBLOLOOX S series " (small size & light weight, A5 compact size) *

" FMV-BIBLOLOOX S5 / 53 W " [CPU: TM5400 - 533 mhz, 128 MB memories (SDRAM) (*), 10 GB-HDD, H " IN module, 56 Kbps built-in modem ] *

" Fmv-bibloloox S5 / 53 " [CPU: TM5400 - 533 mhz, 128 mb memories (sdram) (*), 10 gb-hdd, 56 Kbps built-in modem, carrying telephone and coupling cable attachment ]

" FMV-BIBLOLOOXT series " (DVD loading and A5 file size) * " FMV-BIBLOLOOX T5 / 53 W " [CPU: TM5600 - 533 mhz,

2) " FMV-BIBLOLOOXT series " (DVD loading and A5 file size) * " FMV-BIBLOLOOX T5 / 53 W "
[CPU:T M5600 - 533 mhz, 128 mb memories (sdram) (*), 10 gb-hdd, DVD-ROM drive and IEE E1394, H " IN module, 56 Kbps built-in modem ] * " FMV-BIBLOLOOX T5 / 53 "

[CPU:T M5600 - 533 mhz, 128 mb memories (sdram) (*), 10 gb-hdd, DVD-ROM drive and IEE E1394, 56 Kbps built-in modem, Carrying telephone coupling cable attachment ] Among the *: 128 MB, you use 16 MB with the system


(* 1) LOOX 
Coined word. "The LOOK" (you see) + "X" (infinity / unknown)
" By the fact that the knitting machine is utilized, the internet "infinity." Anytime and" you look, " at information / possibility, simply anywhere (the ? The ?? it does) it can do thing, "
With we include the meaning of saying.

(* 2) H"IN
The DDI pocket announces this day, 64 K best effort mode (the PI AF S2. 1) The communication facility built-in PC & the brand of the PDA group which correspond

(* 3) it corresponds to H"IN The LOOX S5 / 53 W and the LOOX T5 / we are corresponding with 2 models of 53 W.

(* 4) 64 KBPS
At part area there are times when 64 KBPS data communication is not possible As for communication with 32 KBPS is possible.

(* 5) Transmeta corporation CPU " Crusoe (Tm) "
According to the load of the CPU the optimum clock and CPU core drive voltage the ? The ? the Long which is trawled The Run (the Tm) with the adoption of technology, heat generation of the substance is held down, long battery life is made possible.
In addition, "Code Morphing (Tm) Software" with adoption, vis-a-vis the execution of the program of the X 86 processor, we guarantee high compatibility.

(* 6) maximum of 8 hours
LOOX The S5 / in 53, the built-in battery pack of selling separately (L) when it utilizes, is. 
 (* 7) " professional atlas " standard loading
" Professional atlas 2001 (nationwide edition) " it loads Fujitsu edition.
LOOX Pre- we install the S series, inside the hard disk.
LOOX As for T series, basis in disk pre- installation. DVD-ROM medium (1) with we offer the map data.

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