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Intel Pentium 4 1.8ghz and Intel D850GB Motherboard Review

Intel Pentium 4 1.8ghz and Intel D850GB Motherboard Review - PCSTATS
Abstract: Finally!! The first review from WiNC, and the review of the Intel system with the Pentium 4 1.8GHz CPU and the Intel D850GB i850 motherboard. Looking more at the overall system rather then just the speed of the processor.
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External Mfg. Website: Intel Sep 03 2001   W. Nathan  
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INTEL D850GB and PENTIUM 4 1.80GHz Review


Welcome to my first hardware review for the website Intelzone.com. I thought I would start with a quick introduction about myself so that you know what to expect from my reviews and articles. I have been using and working with computers for about 20 years now (including playing a lot of games mind you). Though hardware has only just become of interest for me in the last three years, my most important interest in computers is not how much technical stuff I know (or want to impress you with) but how computers and systems affect that average consumer (i.e.. those people who use computers for small business, or for a wide range of personal requirements). This pretty much means that in my reviews you will see links to other sites if you want to find out more about technology, or the hardware if it has already been stated elsewhere - I don't believe in reinventing the wheel, and I am not too big to say someone might have said it far better then I could.

In my reviews you will hopefully find honest observations, a relaxed atmosphere, and you will also find someone who uses software and doesn't just benchmark. On that topic, I personally find benchmarking achieves two things: it usually benchmarks the latest hardware on the market, and it benchmarks the operating system and the hardware under controlled environments. This is great if you want a standard idea of how the system might perform (usually if you hold your mouth correctly and pray to the computer gods in the sky), but this means very little in the real world where you will face different operating systems, hardware configurations, and situations. In fact, so far, I have been unable to copy any of the benchmarks that I have read on the internet with any of the systems I have got, even if I have followed their hardware configurations to the letter. This isn't because they are lying, but because of the different configurations, situations, location in the world, temperature of the processor, and the list of differences can continue on and on for a whole document. With this in mind you will find that I don't go into extreme detail in regards to benchmarks. However, what you will find is what is important to me - the overall stability of a system, any issues that might come out of using it which usually don't arise until you use it for more then one day doing benchmarks. Expect to find sections which list the system, things to keep an eye out for, and the important stuff like how the systems handle and deal with operations which are silently different than playing Quake3 or using Sandra Pro.

Since this was my first review for Intel, and mainly a way to get a feel around the "Intel world" I didn't include any over clocking information in this review. Also because I didn't "own" the system there were risks in damaging the hardware which I didn't want to face (yeah I know - I'm a chicken but I am not that interested in paying for a replacement kit if it got stuffed up). This will change as situations alter and I get systems/boards instead of just having them on loan to me (meaning if I stuff it up the only thing it will cost me is the review, and not money - or a quick review which states something like, "What ever you do - don't do this!").

Anyway - now that I have bored you senseless with my introduction (promise you won't get it again in any other review) I will get into the reason you are here... the review.

The System.

The system I got for this review was graciously supplied by Silicon Systems Limited in New Zealand, a Intel premier provider. The Pentium 4 system is the new flagship of Intel and has been out since October 2000. With Intel slowly fading out the Pentium 3 chip line, and the price of the Pentium 4 processor slowly starting to decrease, the Pentium 4 system is beginning to look like a interesting offer for people new to the computer scene, or wishing to upgrade.

Though there has been a few reviews already about the Intel D850GB motherboard and the 1.80GHz Pentium 4 CPU, this review is a look at an overall Intel package in which the Processor, Motherboard and Memory are all Intel products (or Intel Recommended).

The Test system (after some alterations) was:

Pentium 1.8GHz CPU
Samsung RAMBUS Memory PC700 128x2 (total 256Megs)
Intel D850GB Motherboard
Nvidia Powercolor GeForce 2 MX
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live!

After benchmarking we altered the system for our stability tests to include

ATA-66 Included to test IDE transfers from Primary to Secondary
Realtek Network card

Oddly enough after doing all the benchmarks we were unaware of a fault on the originally motherboard we got from Intel. It was only during our extensive usage after the Benchmarks that we found the problem (which we will get into later). We had a chat with Intel and they sent us a new motherboard, which happily enough didn't have the problem (thank gods for that - would have been a bit nasty for my first Hardware review to be a list of really dangerous bugs *smile*).

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Contents of Article: Intel Pentium4 1.8GHz
 Pg 1.  — Intel Pentium 4 1.8ghz and Intel D850GB Motherboard Review
 Pg 2.  The Processor, Motherboard and Memory
 Pg 3.  Installation of Motherboard, The Bios, and Hardware Compatablity
 Pg 4.  Installation of the Operating System
 Pg 5.  Benchmarks, and Usage - How did it handle
 Pg 6.  Any Problems, and Intel Support
 Pg 7.  Conclusion, and Special Thanks

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