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Samsung Syncmaster 181B 18.1 inch TFT LCD Display
Samsung Syncmaster 181B 18.1 inch TFT LCD Display - PCSTATS
The 181B series uses a 18.1" a-si TFT/PVA (Pattern Vertical Alignment) 1280x1024 resolution screen for viewing comparable to that of a 19" CRT display.
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TFT Display Evaluation Notes

PCstats TFT Display Evaluation Criteria:

We evaluate the quality of TFT displays with the help of a program called Nokia Monitor Test. The software application displays a range of colours and test patterns that can help diagnose just about any visual problems or defects a TFT display may contain.

It can also be a very useful tool for properly adjusting a display to the optimal settings. The software consists of eleven tests which can be run in steps as adjustments are made to the OSD. As the tests are run we look for the following problems, only one of which should be inoperable (broken pixel).

  • Broken Pixels: What we class as a 'broken pixel' can fall under any one of the following circumstances: Pixel always on (any colour), pixel always off, pixel unable to display a shade (red, green, blue, black, white), pixel shown colour gradient.
  • Pixel Clock: If the number of dot clocks within one horizontal synch are not properly configured the screen will appear to drift or vertical stripes may be generated. This should be correctable by the on screen menu.
  • Phase: If the phase of the display data and dot clock are not correctly tuned the screen can flicker, or text be displayed blurry. For example text may appear dithered, or when looking at a test pattern of a one-pixel black, one-pixel white checkerboard pattern the pattern may be distorted. This should be correctable by the on screen menu.
  • Response Time: We look for any streaking associated with moving a full page of text up or down quickly. Displays with slower refresh rates tend to show some degree of image streaking or text discoloration which can be distracting.
  • Stand Stability: TFT displays are fragile components and the stand should offer adequately stable support as well as be easily adjustable.

    We deduct marks for quality control if there are any predominant broken pixels in a display. While many manufacturers may consider a few broken pixels acceptable, we believe the high cost of TFT displays should translate into a clear and unblemished image.

  • Display Test System Configuration:
    Video Card: ATI Radeon 8500
    Operating System: MS Windows 2000
    Display Settings: Color Temp: 6500 Kelvin
    Resolution: 1280x1024 pixels
    Frequency: 60Hz
    Colour: 32 Bit
    Display Resolutions:
    Resolution Freq Hor. Freq Ver. Standard
    720X400 31.5 70 VGA
    640x480 31.5 60 VGA
    640x480 37.5 75 VGA
    640x480 43.3 85 VGA
    800x600 46.8 75 VESA
    800x600 53.6 85 VESA
    1024x768 48.3kHz 60Hz XGA
    1024x768 60.0kHz 75Hz XGA
    1024x768 68.7kHz 84Hz XGA
    1280x1024 63.98kHz 60Hz VESA
    1280x1024 79.90kHz 75Hz VESA

    LCD Display Test Overall Test Notes and Observations
    Geometry: Pass

    Excellent picture geometry at the 181B's native 1280x1024 resolution. LCD displays as a general rule never have problems displaying straight lines unless they are badly misconfigured.

    Brightness and Contrast: Pass

    Very subtle changes are visible in the different shades of black from 1% to 9% saturation. The 20% to 100% shading bars are nicely transitioned and 100% white is very bright. Pure black has always been difficult to reproduce on an LCD display without light spots, but the 181B handles it very well.

    HV Test: Pass

    This test is more applicable to CRT displays than it is to an LCD. How ever since it forces the display to show a full screen of black or white, while maintaining a solid white line around the outside it is a good indicator of refresh rates on both the display and pixel levels. The pixel refresh rate is 25ms.

    Colour: Pass

    The white test screen is bright and very consistent over the full screen real estate. There are no visible dark patches, or banding of any type at the edges with white, red, green or blue test screens. No broken pixels are visible in any colour.

    Convergence: Pass

    The test grids in RGB illustrate the worst case situations when different coloured pixels must work closely together, and since they comprise different parts of a pixel they do not line up exactly.

    Focus: Pass

    Excellent, all patterns are clearly visible and defined in both the horizontal and vertical axis.

    Resolution: Pass

    Resolution was also excellent at the native 1280x1024 resolution.

    Moire: Pass

    Excellent, all test patterns were displayed properly and without interference or 'walking lines'.

    Other Evaluation Notes:

    Very Good

    Like the 171B, the pixel refresh rate for the 181B is set a very good 25ms. With more and more displays breaking past the 80/80/80/80 viewing angles to even better 85/85/85/85 viewing angles, Samsung should lead the trend and move forward with more agressive settings here. The stand was very stable, and we didn't have any concerns about it tipping over.

    Final Conclusions

    As we have no confirmed pricing for the 181B it is hard to say just how well it performs against comparable 18.1" office oriented displays. As more and more corporations are making the complete switch to LCD, saving eyestrain and lowering power consumption, it may be the war of the little features which captures buyers attention.

    While we were thoroughly impressed with the LCD glass used in the 181B, the lack of any integral audio features for one has us wondering how it will place against aggressively priced LCD's in this market which have a slew of basic multimedia options.

    From a users standpoint the 181B is well designed for the office environment, the bezel is clean an unobstructed, the display is thin at just 65mm, and with an integral power supply easy to install and move around if need be. A removable base and Kensington security lock round out the tid bits, but an optional USB port may add something to this category.

    In the world of home users more is better, but as this display is clearly being targeted to large organizations its interesting to see that simplicity and easy of use and installation have been moved to the forefront. With an excellent set of LCD display characteristics, and TC0'99 compatibility, only price remains to be seen.

    As a basic LCD display the 181B does its job, and does it with style and grace that any 9 to 5'er would love to see sitting on their desk!

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