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Prometeia Mach II GT Phase Change Cooler Review Prometeia Mach II GT Phase Change Cooler Review
If you consider yourself an overclocker, then you already know everything about the Prometeia brand of phase-change coolers, and we really don't have to say a single word more.

ECT May 17, 2005
The Relationship Between Overclocking and Cooling The Relationship Between Overclocking and Cooling
As enthusiasts attempt to reach higher clock speeds, there will eventually come a time when the temperature of the processor, memory, or some other electrical component becomes the limiting factor.

PCSTATS May 13, 2004
Thermaltake Orange Orb BGA Heatsink Review Thermaltake Orange Orb BGA Heatsink Review
The Orange orb is Thermaltake's brand new replacement for the almost one year old Blue Orb (or 'Blorb') chipset cooler.

Thermaltake Aug 25, 2001
AseTek VapoChill Socket Preview AseTek VapoChill Socket Preview
Asetek has been producing their Vapochill unit for some time with quite a bit of success. The VapoChill unit has been designed to be a very flexible and relatively inexpensive super-cooling solution.

AseTek Nov 18, 2000
GlobalWin VOS32 SECC2 Cooler GlobalWin VOS32 SECC2 Cooler
The stock Intel sink would make a good self defense key chain ...

Globalwin May 14, 2000
Dual Overkill Slot Heatsink Review Dual Overkill Slot Heatsink Review
The Dual Overkill is a PIII SECC2 cooling rig, worth looking at twice with its twin 50mm fan powerhouse. Read the review!

3DCool Apr 28, 2000
Vantec P3D-5030 Pentium III Cooler Vantec P3D-5030 Pentium III Cooler
The release of the Intel Celeron, and subsequently the great overclocking potential of that processor, was followed by the release of a lot of coolers catering to the needs of the overclockers.

Vantec Apr 19, 2000
Super Duper Slot Fan Super Duper Slot Fan
Slot fans can make all the difference in cooling performance. We tested one thoroughly, and explain how to get the most out of it!

3DCool Feb 01, 2000
Socket 370 Heatsink Shootout Socket 370 Heatsink Shootout
Celeron Slocket cooler shootout lineup for you all with some interesting gear and numbers.

Various Jan 04, 2000
Twin Turbo Cooler Twin Turbo Cooler
I saw many coolers for the up and coming Celeron line of processors from Intel. I came to think why don't they make an insanely large fan to fit in one of those 5 1/4" everyone seems to have to spare.

3DCool Dec 19, 1999
Double Whammy Celeron Cooler Double Whammy Celeron Cooler
It seems as though today everyone is trying to get that extra 2-5% of processing power out of those oh so inexpensive but wonderful Intel Celerons.

none Dec 19, 1999
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