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Beginners Guides: Crash Recovery & The Blue Screen of Death
Beginners Guides: Crash Recovery & The Blue Screen of Death - PCSTATS
PCSTATS lays out the ground rules to fixing the problems that can cause a Blue Screen of Death. Or, you can just reinstall your ENTIRE PC... it's your choice!
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External Mfg. Website: PCSTATS Mar 23 2013   M. Dowler  
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Section A: Troubleshooting Software & Driver stop messages

Assuming you can boot into safe mode, the first thing you should attempt to do is perform a virus and spyware scan of your system if you have the relevant utilities such as recently updated anti-virus software and Ad-Aware or Spybot S&D for spyware scans. If anything was found and eliminated in either scan, attempt to restart Windows XP normally.

If this does not help, boot back into safe mode. The next step is to use the built in system restore utility to hopefully return Windows XP to working order. When run in safe mode, you can access all recent restore points created by the system restore utility. This gives you more flexibility than the 'last known good configuration' command in the boot menu which only restores the most recent one.

To use the system restore utility, go to 'start\all programs\accessories\system tools\system restore.'

The utility reserves hard disk space and creates a restore point each time you install or remove software. If you are fairly sure you know what you installed that might have caused the problem. Restore the point created at that date. Note that any software installed since then will stop functioning, as links created to it in the registry will be removed. Otherwise, restore your system to the most recent point created before you started having BSOD troubles. If the first one does not succeed in curing the problem, try the next most recent, etc.

If system restore has been disabled on your system, or if the utility did not fix your problem, it's time to try more specific cures.

Did you install new software or device drivers before the problem occurred? If so, you need to disable them as they are likely the culprits. Drivers need to be disabled or rolled back, and software needs to be uninstalled or be stopped from running automatically.

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Contents of Article: PCSTATS
 Pg 1.  Beginners Guides: Crash Recovery & The Blue Screen of Death
 Pg 2.  Reading the Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD)
 Pg 3.  Why Do BSOD's happen?
 Pg 4.  Basic troubleshooting for all BSOD errors
 Pg 5.  — Section A: Troubleshooting Software & Driver stop messages
 Pg 6.  Fixing device drivers
 Pg 7.  Fixing software problems
 Pg 8.  Section B: Troubleshooting hardware and system file based BSODs
 Pg 9.  Section C: Troubleshooting Windows XP install BSODs
 Pg 10.  Section D: Troubleshooting Intermittent Blue Screens or Crashes

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