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What's Hot, Whats Not
What's Hot,  Whats Not - PCSTATS
This week's edition of What's Hot, What's Not focuses on what Gamers are getting these days. If you're a Gamer, have a look and see what the hottest components of a Super Gaming System are!
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Video Cards and Monitors

Video Cards

Asus seems to have simultaneous hits with their Geforce cards. The Asus V6600 (GF256 SDR) is going for $289 CDN ($199 USD.) With the V6600, you get a plain GF256 video card using SDRAM. The DDR version is faster, but hey, for 800*600 @ 32bit or less, the performance differences between the two are negligible, therefore if you have $300 CDN to spend on a new video card, it's quite hard to resist the Asus V6600. While $300 CDN is 'steep', the price is entirely within the realm of reason for diehard Quake III players.

The Asus V6800 (GF256 DDR) is a no frills GF256 card that uses DDR memory, the feature set is exactly the same as the Asus V6600. For the 'ultimate' performance in 32bit colour in games, the GF256 DDR is the best consumer level video card available right now. The Asus V6800 is priced at $355 CDN ($244USD.)

The serious gamers, and some casual gamers, seem to have taken a shine to the Asus V6800 Deluxe (GF256 DDR w/ TVI/TVO.) With a retail price of $419 CDN ($289 USD) you get a very fast video card that enables you to hook it up to a TV for some big screen gaming action. The Geforce chip is quite an adept DVD performer, so the TV-output capabilities of the Asus V6800 Deluxe can come in handy for users that do not have a component (set-top) DVD player to use with their TV.


Getting a larger monitor is beneficial to all types of computer users, but gamers will REALLY appreciate getting a larger monitor. When you are playing Quake III at 1024*768 on a 17-inch or smaller monitor it becomes quite difficult to frag, however, when I made the jump to the 19-inch Sony E400 ($769 CDN / $528 USD,) fragging has never been so easy :).

 As much as I like my Sony E400, there are better values out there, and one striking example just happens to be the hottest selling 19-inch monitor available right now. The Samsung 900NF (.25 AG Flat Diamondtron) is selling for $619 CDN ($425 USD.) Never before has such an impressive display been so AFFORDABLE! The visual quality on this monitor is superb, it also features a 5-port BNC connection, and it even supports an 86hz refresh rate at 1600*1200 (whereas my Sony E400 only does 75hz.) For 17-inch monitors, the Samsung 700NF (.25AG Diamondtron) provides great value and quality at $435 CDN ($298 USD.) I am not shortchanging 17-inch monitors but I do recommend biting the bullet and investing in a nice 19-inch monitor. You will thank me in a few months :).

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