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Vantec NexStar GX USB2.0 Hub & HDD Enclosure Review
Vantec NexStar GX USB2.0 Hub & HDD Enclosure Review - PCSTATS
The Vantec NexStar GX (NST-370GX) is the ideal solution for anyone looking for more flexible external HDD space.
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External Mfg. Website: Vantec Nov 22 2005   Max Page  
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Testing the NexStar GX

SiSoft Sandra 2005 Source: Sandra

Sandra is designed to test the theoretical power of a complete system as well as the individual components. The results are also purely theoretical and may not represent real world performance.

Sisoft Sandra 2005 Storage Benchmark Results
Drives Drive Index: Random Read: Sequential Read: Random Write: Sequential Write: Average Access time:
Vantec NexStar GX








MB/s MB/s MB/s MB/s MB/s milliseconds

With a 120GB Seagate IDE hard drive connected through the USB 2.0 port, the performance of the Vantec NexStar GX is as expected.

HD Tach V3.0.1.0 Source: TCD Labs Inc.

HD Tach is a physical performance hard drive test for Windows 95/98/ME and Windows NT/2000. In Windows 9X/ME it uses a special kernel mode VXD to get maximum accuracy by bypassing the file system. A similar mechanism is used in Windows NT/2000/XP. HD Tach reads from areas all over the hard drive and reports an average speed. It also logs the read speeds to a text file that you can load into a spreadsheet and graph to visually read the results of the test.

Hard Drive Tach - Benchmark Results

Physical Drive Size Access Time Read Burst Speed Read Speed Max Read Speed Min

speed Avg

CPU utilization
Vantec NexStar GX










MB/s MB/s MB/s MB/s


HD Tach confirms Sandra's results. The Vantec NexStar GX offers users a very flexible external HDD platform that while being a little slower than an internal hard drive is still pretty quick.

Easy External Barebones Hard Drive Case

The Vantec NexStar GX offers up an appealing external hard drive case. The unit ships without a hard drive, so users can buy and install a 3.5" IDE HDD exactly as large or small a capacity as they need. On top of that, Vantec have loaded the NexStar GX with a three-port USB 2.0 hub so multiple devices can be connected to the unit. The NexStar GX connects to the host computer via a single 480Mbps USB2.0 connection, so bear in mind that data intensive USB devices will be sharing that bandwidth with the hard drive.

External hard drives offer users an excellent alternative to USB keys, CD/DVD discs or tape backups when it comes to moving a large amount of data around. Vantec just improved on an old design.

With its modern appearance, the Vantec NexStar GX will look good nice next to any computer. HDD performance of the Vantec NexStar GX was surprisingly good (without any attached devices to the USB hub), access times according to both SiSoft Sandra and HD Tach were not substantially higher, and throughput was also very respectable. It's nice to see that you do not suffer much performance loss by moving an internal HDD into an external enclosure. This will of course vary depending on the activity of devices connected to the 3-port hub.

experts tip: monitoring the hdd temperature

in a user's haste when installing, placing the internal thermistor in a good location can easily be overlooked. Before packing everything back up, remember to use the Kapton tape that is included in the package and tape the thermistor either onto the hard drive's metal casing or by the motor's spindle. This way when the fan is set to automatic, it can adjust itself accordingly when the hard drive gets hot. Avoid using any other kind of tape on or near the circuitry of the hard drive as it will leave residue behind. It could potentially also cause a minute electrical short that disrupts data signals.

Comments and Feedback? Suggest a Tweak.

Ultimately though, consumers in the market for an external hard drive enclosure with a retail price of about $60 CDN ($50 US) will like this unit. The Vantec NexStar GX rolls a couple features into one compact unit. There are some limitations because all the data is effectively moving alone a single upstream USB2.0 connection, but that's to be expected. The NexStar GX looks professional, offers external HDD access over a very common standard and incorporates a 3-port USB 2.0 hub. It is compatible with Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP and MAC OS 10.2.

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