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Samsung Syncmaster 943B 19-inch LCD Display Review
Samsung Syncmaster 943B 19-inch LCD Display Review - PCSTATS
The Syncmaster 943B is a mainstream / business oriented 19-inch LCD display with a competitive price tag.
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Visual Display Tests: MagicBright

Like most recent Samsung LCD displays the Syncmaster 943B comes with a little feature built into the control panel called MagicBright. This tool has several preset brightness/contrast/colour temperature settings for a variety of general applications. For example, when set to "Movie" mode the screen brightness bumped all the way up. If "text" is selected, the screen switches to a warmer image that isn't as bright, and thus is easier on the eyes.

The MagicBright button is located on the control panel, and also accessible through the on screen display. MagicBright has pre-programmed modes to suit movies, text, sports, games, etc. For general desk work we preferred the custom settings which we manually configured, but in a pinch "text" is the best mix of brightness and colour temperature (~6500K).

On Screen Display menu

The OSD menu is neatly organized so it's easy to find what you're looking for. The only problem we encountered while navigating the Syncmaster 943B's OSD menu was the control panel keys. Without any tactile indicators for the up/down and menu/enter buttons we found ourselves more than once pressing the wrong key, or nothing at all. If you recall, the control panel on the 943B doesn't have physical buttons, rather it uses a sensor behind the smooth plastic bezel to register when your finger touches a 'button'.

The OSD menu's are pictured below for those who need to know.

The Gaming test

The Samsung Syncmaster 943B monitor was tested with a fast paced FPS game and the results were satisfactory. The high contrast ratio of 1000:1 resulted in velvety black backgrounds and colourfully bright graphics, just as things should be. The Syncmaster 943B's screen is rated at a quick 5ms G-to-G pixel refresh rate, so rapid screen movements was ghost free. Making broad movements with the mouse had the tendency to result in a somewhat choppy picture however.

Magicbright settings were tested in the gaming environment as well, but the results were mixed at best.

Starting off from the 'custom' brightness and contrast settings we'd previously configured, the Samsung 943B flipped through the MagicBright list with predictable results. The only oddity was 'dynamic contrast', which caused the entire screen to slowly pulse from an overbright to a completely dark image in Quake 4. The Syncmaster 943B is rated for a 1000:1 contrast ratio, but it can dynamically scale that up to 8000:1 in certain cases. Clearly the software did not know how to interpret some shadowed scenery in the game, and incorrectly compensated as a result of the naturally dark imagery. PCSTATS would recommend leaving Magicbright alone while you're gaming, it just might get you fragged if the screen goes dark. The 'custom' or 'game' display presets are perfectly suitable.

LCD Screen Evaluation Notes

Test parameters: Mode - Custom, resolution 1280x1024 32 bit, 60Hz, 6500K, DVI connection.

For the evaluation of the Samsung Syncmaster 943B's display quality, PCSTATS uses a standard Monitor Test application which displays several test patterns, solid colours, and different grey scale patterns for subjectively analyzing visual aspects. These include contrast, colour luminance, brightness and Moire. Ghosting is subjectively tested in a gaming environment.

Brightness and Contrast: The Samsung Syncmaster 943B has a high contrast ratio which resulted in bright white test bars over a very dark background. From head on the transition between 1%-9% white test bars was visible, but the shallow vertical viewing angle affected this if we viewed things from too low to the center of the screen. No significant light bleeding was detected around the test images, or at the corners of the screen.

Colour Vibrancy: The white, red and blue test screens were bright and vibrant, the green test image appeared slightly pale. All test images were even across the entire screen. Colour saturation on the whole was fine. No visible dull or broken pixels were detected.

Non-native Resolution: The native resolution of the Syncmaster 943B is 1280x1024. We tested several non-native resolutions and found the image dithering /image scaling more than capable. Text remained legible and undistorted, edges were smooth and not blurred.

Moire: There were no noticeable background noise in the moire test pattern when using a DVI signal.

Final Words on the Samsung 943B LCD Display:

The Samsung Syncmaster 943B is an economical 19" LCD display blessed with a great LCD panel. With a sticker price of $290 CDN ($290USD / £160 GBP) , business and home users will find it good value for money for standard office applications.

To summarize our time with the Syncmaster 943B, I suppose we could say that Samsung has made a nice low cost LCD display without sacrificing much in the way of visual quality. The 19" Samsung 943B features fairly average 170/160 degree viewing angles, a gorgeous 1000:1 contrast ratio, and a typical brightness value of 300cd/m2. All of these specs conspire to make this panel of 1280x1024 pixels a pleasure to use. The panel's 6ms pixel response time is an added bonus for those who pine to game during the duller hours of a days work. We found fast moving POV games a little too choppy for our own taste, however.

The Samsung 943B uses sensors set behind the plastic bezel for the control panel keys, and these only respond to a fingers' touch. The keys are flush, so it's hard to know where each button is, and on top of that it's difficult to read the icons which are printed in dark grey on the black surface. Samsung would do wonders for usability with raised or indented features to indicate each button. This failing becomes particularly evident when trying to navigate through the OSD menu pages; we constantly hit the wrong keys.

Office users will quickly wish the Samsung 943B came with a USB hub, which it does not. An optional accessory for the stand brings that functionality to the desk, but good luck finding this part.

Despite these few ergonomic shortcomings, the Samsung Syncmaster 943B is on the whole a very nice mainstream 19" LCD display to view. The control panel may take some getting used to, but what's most important is the picture on the screen. Thanks to a high contrast ratio and good luminance, the picture looks mighty nice.

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