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Kenwood 72X CD-ROM Review
Kenwood 72X CD-ROM Review - PCSTATS
Is this marketing hype or are we looking at a drive that creates a black hole every time your copy of Quake III boots up. Only benchmarks will reveal the secrets behind the Kenwood 72X CD-ROM
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To test out the 72X True-x CD-ROM we used a combination of benchmarking programs. They included MAXA CD-Bench Pro, Sandra, CD-Speed 99 (0.66b), ZDnet WinBench 99, and Kenwood's Demo Disc. Each of the benchmarks provides good data, and some, like CD-Speed illustrate data transfer vs. rotational speed across the entire disc.

Maxa CD-Bench Pro

RoMark 7.0 8.6 3.7
Cache size 1.27Mb 1.27Mb 1.27Mb
Transfer rate 4.03Mb/s 3.8Mb/s 1.27Mb/s
Read ahead 1.05Mb 1.05Mb 1.05Mb
CPU load 50% 97% 55%
Speed Factor 26x 25x 8x
Avg. access time 0.104 .083 0.181
Drive type Kenwood UCR-421 CDU4011 CRW8424S
DMA enabled yes yes SCSI

Maxa returns some values which give a bit more insight into the Megabits/s that the 72X drive is spitting out. Compared to the Sony 40X, the 72X Kenwood is able to shoot out an average data transfer rate of 4.0Mb/s. Not sure why the 72X drive achieved a RoMark lower then that of the Sony drive.


Drive index 4048 1731 1145
Drive tech. 43x 16x 11x
Track speed 22,680 RPM 8703 RPM 5940 RPM
Cache size 1.24Mb 1.24Mb 1.24Mb
Buffer read 571Mb/s 376Mb/s 288Mb/s
Sequential read 6Mb/s 2463kb/s 1681kb/s
Random read 492 kb/s 634 kb/s 341kb/s
Avg. access time 100ms 55ms 129ms

Notice how Sandra reports a rotational speed of over 22,000 for the Kenwood drive. Considering the limitations of motor technology equate to drives sitting pretty under 10,000RPM it's obvious that Sandra is misinterpreting the actual speed the 72X drive rotates the CD-ROM at. Graphically the difference in Drive Index values is beyond obvious;

The 72X Kenwood drive leaves the reference drives in the dust. No less then twice the performance gain is witnessed with a Drive Index rating of 4048.
For comparison we also tested out a 40X Sony CD-ROM. In Sandra this drive performed just below that of the reference drive.
Lastly a 24X SCSI CD-RW was benchmarked. This Yamaha drive held the worst scores across the board, including Sandra where it posted a Drive Index of 1145

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