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ProLink PixelView GF2Ti Review
ProLink PixelView GF2Ti Review - PCSTATS
Prolink is relatively unknown to North American consumers - they usually sell their products to OEM's rather then the general public.
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External Mfg. Website: Prolink Nov 20 2001   C. Sun  
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Let the Benchmarks Begin

3DMark2000 Ver 1.1

GeForce2 GTS
GeForce2 Ti
GeForce2 Ti (oc'ed)

In terms of DirectX7 performance the GeForce2 Ti can compete with the big guns even at stock. When overclocked, it's even better! Let's take a look at how the card fairs with the newer and more advanced 3DMark2001...


GeForce2 GTS
GeForce2 Ti
GeForce2 Ti (oc'ed)

Here, the GeForce2 Ti is only faster then the GTS not surprisingly. Still, it's probably the best value card of the bunch. Oc'ing however doesn't really seem to give that much of a performance boost. Here's another synthetic, Vulpine's GLMark


GeForce2 GTS
GeForce2 Ti
GeForce2 Ti (oc'ed)

Again, being based on older technology, the Ti isn't even close to the Radeon8500 let alone the GeForce3. Also, it's not that much faster then the GTS! =( However, enough with synthetics, let's see some REAL WORLD games.

Serious Sam

GeForce2 GTS
GeForce2 Ti
GeForce2 Ti (oc'ed)
Normal 640x480 Dunes demo
183.7 fps
205.3 fps
178.4 fps
197.1 fos
210.6 fps
Normal 640x480 Suburbs demo
155.8 fps
165.3 fps
136.1 fps
161.1 fps
169.5 fps

It's obvious here that we're all CPU limted here. Still, at this resolution, the Ti can comete with the GeForce3 quite easily. Does this trend contine when the resolution is cranked up?

GeForce2 GTS
GeForce2 Ti
GeForce2 Ti (oc'ed)
Quality 1024x768 Dunes demo
76 fps
135.7 fps
87 fps
97.5 fps
104.2 fps
Quality 1024x768 Suburbs demo
57.6 fps
93.1 fps
73.7 fps
72.1 fps
75.2 fps
Quality 1600x1200 Dunes demo
23.4 fps
59.4 fps
41.8 fps
42 fps
44.1 fps
Quality 1600x1200 Suburbs demo
14 fps
42.5 fps
35.3 fps
31.8 fps
34.2 fps

Even though Serious Sam the 2nd Encounter is on the works, this game can still stress cards quite a bit! The Ti just doesn't have enough horsepower to keep up with the GeForce3 however, because of ATI's lack of driver support, the Ti can compete with a far superior 8500 at every resolution here. Here's everyone's favorate OpenGL benchmark...

Quake III Arena

GeForce2 GTS
GeForce2 Ti
GeForce2 Ti (oc'ed)
Fastest demo001
280.1 fps
283.6 fps
272.2 fps
281 fps
283.9 fps
Fastest nv15demo
82.9 fps
84.3 fps
79.1 fps
83 fps
81.4 fps

Again, here we're all CPU limted. Geez, the overclocked Ti is slower then the stock!

GeForce2 GTS
GeForce2 Ti
GeForce2 Ti (oc'ed)
HQ demo001
158.4 fps
246.4 fps
240.1 fps
197.3 fps
205.9 fps
HQ nv15demo
62.3 fps
64.4 fps
59.7 fps
63.6 fps
64 fps
MAX 1024x768 demo001
93.3 fps
195.4 fps
185.7 fps
117.9 fps
128.1 fps
MAX 1024x768 nv15demo
48.6 fps
63.5 fps
57.3 fps
55.5 fps
57.2 fps
MAX 1600x1200 demo001
36.8 fps
105.9 fps
115.7 fps
52.7 fps
58.3 fps
MAX 1600x1200 nv15demo
21.7 fps
46.8 fps
54.1 fps
30.8 fps
33.4 fps

As the resolution is turned up higher and higher, the the Ti can compete up to 1024x768 which is a nice resolution. After that, it just isn't powerful enough. Even being about 2 years old, it's amazing Quake III can tax a videocard so much! Next up is a game based on the Quake III engine, tweaked for the outdoors scene.

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