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Maxtor 5T060H6 60GB Hard Drive
Maxtor 5T060H6 60GB Hard Drive - PCSTATS
Maxtor is the old standard and a personal favorite around here.
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Drive Performance Benchmarks:

Access Time (ms)
HDTach 99     Maxtor 5T060H6      Samsung SV6004H 
Winbench 99 17.4 ms 14.4 ms
HDTach 1.61 17.6 ms 14.5 ms

With three platters spinning to just two on the Samsung drive, the 5T060H6 was more handicapped in this area, and posted slower access times in both HDTach 2.61 and WinBench99. The difference was about 3ms.

HDTach 2.61:

Hard drive Tach 2.61 is standard for benchmarking drives and provides a wealth of data on the peculiarities of each drive tested. The software tests five major points; access time, burst speed, read speed and percent CPU utilization.

Samsung SV6004H Hard Drive Performance Graph


HDTach 2.61
    Maxtor 5T060H6     Samsung SV6004H
Access time (ms) 17.4 ms 14.4 ms

Read burst speed (mbps)

56.8 mbps 54.3 mbps
Read speed max (kps) 39116 kps 32383 kps
Read speed min (kps) 20420 kps 8241 kps
Read speed avg (kps) 31188 kps 25121 kps
CPU ultilization 6.1%


With an average Burst Speed of 56.8 mbps, the Maxtor 5T060H6 out performs the competitor. Additionally, Read Speed was another strong point of the Diamond Max drive, as it came in far above the Samsung SpinPoint. However when it comes to access time and CPU utilization the Samsung SpinPoint is the clear winner, using only 4.9% as opposed to 6.1% for the Maxtor.

WinBench 99:

WinBench 99
  Maxtor 5T060H6   Samsung SV6004H
Disk Transfer Rate
- Beginning: 38500 30900
- End: 22900 18000
Disk Access Time: 17.6 ms 14.5 ms
CPU Utilization: 1.2% 1.72%

WinBench 99 clearly sides with the 60GB Maxtor Diamond Max in just about every case, illustrating that 7200RPM spindle speeds are still a big factor when choosing a drive for the home or office computer. Generally speaking, the test system seemed to boot faster, and test programs launched a bit faster on the Diamond Max hard drive.

If we look at cost analysis for a moment, it is clear that the Samsung SpinPoint SV6004H offers the best storage for the price ($1.93/GB) and the Maxtor Diamond Max 5T060H6 is the more expensive option ($2.33/GB).

However, for performance oriented systems it is clear that the data numbers have more weight, and the Maxtor would be the better option in this case. For a home system where cost constraints are more of a factor, the Samsung drive would offer a very capable solution with low noise signatures.

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