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Aopen AK77 Plus Motherboard Review
Aopen AK77 Plus Motherboard Review - PCSTATS
This good looking jet-black motherboard from Aopen is the hallmark of a new trend in motherboards - designer colours!
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Sandra, 3DMark2001, Conclusions

Sisoft Sandra 2001 Source: Sandra

SiSoft Sandra has been around for some time, and in this series of tests for CPU, Memory and Multimedia the AK77Plus and Athlon XP 1900+ are stressed well. Sandra is designed to test the theoretical power of a complete system and individual components. The numbers taken though are again, purely theoretical and may not represent real world performance.

SiSoft Sandra 2001 Benchmark Results
AOpen AK77 Plus Score

Multimedia Benchmark

1. Integer SSE 8920 it/s
1a. Integer SSE - 1.8GHz 9891 it/s
2. Floating-Point SSE 10274 it/s
2a. Floating-Point SSE - 1.8GHz 11496 it/s

CPU Benchmark

3. Dhrystone ALU 4478 MIPS
3a. Dhrystone ALU - 1.8GHz 4977 MIPs
4. Whetstone FPU 2220 MFLOPS
4a. Whetstone FPU - 1.8GHz 2492 MFLOPS

Memory Benchmark

5. Integer ALU 1959 MB/s
5a. Integer ALU - 1.8GHz 2287 MB/s
6. Float FPU 1879 MB/s
6a. Float FPU - 1.8GHz 2137 MB/s

The overclocked system wins every test here because not only is the FSB higher, there is more CPU power backing it up too. Still, the numbers are very respectable, performance is on par with other KT266A based boards that we have looked at recently like the Acorp K7T266A.

3DMark2001 Source: MadOnion

3DMark2001 is the latest installment in the 3DMark series by MadOnion. By combining DirectX8 support with completely new graphics, it continues to provide good overall system benchmarks. 3DMark2001 has been created in cooperation with the major 3D accelerator and processor manufacturers to provide a reliable set of diagnostic tools. The suite demonstrates 3D gaming performance by using real-world gaming technology to test a system's true performance abilities. Tests include: DirectX8 Vertex Shaders, Pixel Shaders and Point Sprites, DOT3 and Environment Mapped Bump Mapping, support for Full Scene Anti-aliasing and Texture Compression and two game tests using Ipion real-time physics. Higher 3DMark scores denote better performance.

3DMark 2001 Benchmark Results
AOpen AK77 Plus 3DMarks Ranking
1. 3DMarks 6294
2. 3DMarks 7012

Finally, no round of benchmarks would be complete with out a little action from MadOnion's 3DMark2001. You have to admit, those 21.83 DetonatorXP drivers really help! As 3DMark2001 is a DirectX8 benchmark, Athlon processors have traditionally enjoyed a lead in 3DMark scores and the Athlon XP1900+ is equally capable on the AK77plus. While these aren't the highest scores in the world, for a system which hasn't seen any major tweaking they are very good.


The last time I looked at an AOpen board it was for a slot one Celeron 300A, and the mood at that time was pure and utter overclocking bliss. Since then, AOpen seem to have faded from the spotlight a bit. Not that their boards had problems, or anything along those lines but for whatever reason a lot of the focus shifted to ABit, Epox, Shuttle, and others.

In the mean time AOpen has managed to produce a very well rounded mainboard with the AK77Plus. By offering users IDE RAID, PC2100 DDR and a nice set of overclocking tools they have assured themselves a good standing. While the AK77Plus does have a few quirks that irked us, there were no major problems. The layout is very clean, and everything is easy to get at (ie that RAM will come out without removing the videocard).

The manuals Aopen include with their motherboards have always been very well illustrated, with a quick start poster, and more detailed booklets. We should have looked through them a bit more careful and noticed Jumper #21 ourselves. The AK77Plus is not the absolute best board for overclocking that you can find on the market these days, the Epox 8KHA+ is still a little more versatile there, but it does offer the best of both worlds - good tweaking for those who need it, and good features for those who really just want a mainboard. Plus you just have to like the midnight black PCB!

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