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Samsung Syncmaster 275T 27-inch LCD Display Review

Samsung Syncmaster 275T 27-inch LCD Display Review - PCSTATS
Abstract: Samsung's Syncmaster 275T LCD/TFT display is a 27" wide screen (16:10 aspect ratio) monitor with a native resolution of 1920x1200 pixels. The LCD panel has an anti-reflective non-glossy coating and features a brightness rating of 500 cd/m2, contrast ratio of 1000:1.
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Evaluating Syncmaster 275T Display Quality

The MagicBright button on the display stand loads up the menu you see to the right. What this does is quickly change the brightness and colour warmth to one of several pre-programmed modes to suite the described video content; movies, text, sports, etc. We found may of the settings a little too bright to comfortably view from desk distances, and better suited to watching video from a couch, or further away.

For up close viewing from a desk, "text" had the most comfortable brightness and warm colour temperature (~6500K).

LCD Screen Evaluation Notes

Test parameters: Mode - Internet, resolution 1920x1280 32 bit, 60Hz, 6500K, DVI connection.

For the evaluation of the Samsung Syncmaster 275T's display quality, PCSTATS uses a standard Monitor Test application which displays several test patterns, solid colours, and different grey scale patterns for subjectively analyzing visual aspects. These include contrast, colour luminance, brightness and Moire. Ghosting is subjectively tested in a gaming environment and with moving test patterns.

Brightness and Contrast: The Samsung Syncmaster 275T's LCD has a high contrast ratio. White test bars were bright, while allowing good definition between the darker shading strips. There is a slight but noticeable difference between the 1% and 2% bar, and the scale as it moves up from 3%-to-9% - just as it should be. The white test patterns were very bright without bleeding into the black background. The black background remained jet-black, without noticeable light bleed through around the edges of the screen, or adjacent to the white test patterns.

Colour Vibrancy: The white screen was nice and bright, but there we noticed a very slight shading at each of the four corners, indicating perhaps that the backlight was not evenly filling in the corners. The Red and Green primary colour test screens were vibrant and uniform, save for the very slight darkening at each corner. The blue screen appeared a little washed out compared to the red and green, but not overly so. Colour saturation on the whole was good, and there were no visible dull or broken pixels.

Colour Shading: In this test there's a bit of banding due to LCD monitors being limited to displaying 16.7 million colours. Otherwise the 275T performed as expected.

Non-native Resolution: The native resolution of the Syncmaster 275T is 1920x1200. We tested several non-native resolutions and found the integrated image dithering (aka image scaling) more than capable. Text remained legible and undistorted, edges were smooth and not blurred.

Moire: There were no noticeable background noise in the moire test pattern when using a DVI signal.

Gaming Tests: We put the Samsung 275T LCD display through a couple rounds of Quake 4, and the results were good. The colours were crisp, the black areas of the screen nice and dark as they should be. Visual artifacts like ghosting were not evident as far as I could tell, but during any instance of rapid movement or panning, the picture was kind of choppy.

I didn't really notice any ghosting in Quake 4 (the 275T has a 6ms G-to-G pixel response rate), but in the rapid moving single bar test pattern test is was detected. Ghosting is a really subjective thing, so unless you're looking for it you should be happy with the Syncmaster 275T in most respects... The Syncmaster 275T is not really a gaming display, so bear that in mind.

Final Words on the Samsung 275T LCD Display: Media Ready?

On the whole, watching movies on the Samsung Syncmaster 275T is a nice experience for desktop users, or for anyone who 'lives' at their desk (like us at PCSTATS). The image was clear and colours vibrant. Compared to full sized LCD televisions with substantially larger pixel pitches, the Syncmaster 275T casts a great image for DVI delivered video - particularly because the blacks stay truly black.

With a sticker price of $900 CDN ($890 USD / £450 GBP), the 27" Samsung Syncmaster 275T LCD monitor PCSTATS looked at in this review is priced towards the upper-end of desktop LCD monitors. If you factor in the separate cost of a good 19" LCD computer monitor together with a small 26" LCD TV, it's reasonable.

A bit of over-brightness was worst of the issues we found with the Syncmaster 275T display. I'd highly recommend any graphic artist spend the time to properly calibrate the display for brightness, contrast and colour temperature - and avoid the MagicBright settings when working. It's too easy to end up with colours that aren't necessarily representative of the true luminance.

Aside from that gripe, the Samsung Syncmaster is a pleasure to work with. Its 27" wide screen, broad 178/178 degree viewing angles, gorgeous 1000:1 contrast ratio, and brightness value of 500cd/m2 conspire to make this slab of 1920x1200 pixels a general pleasure to use. The panel's 6ms pixel response time may have done away with visible ghosting in our brief gaming tests, but screen refreshing seemed a little too choppy in FPS'ers.

The integrated four-port USB2.0 hub is handy, but difficult to reach and the ports too closely spaced to accommodate bulky USB memory keys. The VESA mounted stand adjusts in three axis to provide a comfortable relationship between the screen and viewer, and is easily removable for wall or armature mounting.

The Syncmaster 275T has a good range of media inputs (component, composite, S-Video), but unfortunately lacks a HDMI jack. Had it this one port, there would really be no need to own a separate TV! S-Video is a sorry way to connect a DVD player to a screen like this, so consider the syncmaster 275T HD ready only with respect to HD content you can play on your computer.

The DVI video jack on the Samsung Syncmaster 275T is HDCP compliant, and the screen is compatible with Windows Vista/XP PC, Mac and SUN operating systems.

Ultimately I consider the Samsung Syncmaster 275T to primarily be a workstation monitor - and an excellent one for that application. A wide screen display such as this is superb for web work, accounting, internet surfing, photo editing & graphic arts tasks (when properly calibrated per previous comments), and even watching HD video content on the PC.

The Syncmaster 275T has some common media inputs for game consoles, a camcorder or DVD player, but without an HDMI port I wouldn't consider it a literal HDTV replacement. The understated black bezel and aesthetics of the screen are just the way we like them - not flashy and not visually distracting. Like any good class of LCD display, the screen displays jet-black when the picture is supposed to be black, without any annoying light bleed through. If it's time for you to replace that 17" first generation LCD monitor with one of the new class of wide screen displays, the Samsung Syncmaster 275T is worth consideration.

PCSTATS Recommended Product Award

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