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Transmeta Awakens the Crusoe Microprocessor
Transmeta Awakens the Crusoe Microprocessor - PCSTATS
Transmeta today released Crusoe the newst line of moblie computing processors - and at 700Mhz the most powerful and inexpensive to boot! Check out the specs... (Archived from PCSTATS' retired tech site, TransmetaZone)
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External Mfg. Website: Transmeta Jan 19 2000   Max Page  
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(Archived from PCSTATS' retired tech site, TransmetaZone)

"Yes, there is a secret message, and this is it:"

And so began the twelve lines of comment inserted playfully within the HTML of Transmeta's deserted web site. Since its' inception in 1995, secrecy has been Transmetas' greatest ally, generating massive amounts of curiosity about what it was doing behind the doors of its Santa Clara Shop.

Well, now that the doors have opened, we can see the newest processor to join the club. What is Crusoe, what does it do and why should you be impressed with it?

PCstats Network - January 19, 2000. 4:39 PM EST
Speaking from a large estate in Southern California, David Allen was named the new CEO of Transmeta, while Dave Ditzel chose to introduce the world to Crusoe as a processor for mobile applications - either mobile PC's or web appliances like the "Web Pad". Some news was expected, but other bits were just amazing to hear... The two hour webcast featured Ditzel, and Linux guru Linus Torvalds, whom helped to design the software architecture, code morphing capabilities and Mobile Linux. By 12:00 PM PST the websites were brought to life, and more details about Crusoe began to flow in - though very slowly at first, the website appeared to be overwhelmed with traffic, bringing to mind a certain IBM e-commerce commercial where the character forgot to remind the web-guys about the surge in traffic and the site went down ;-) Somewhere in Santa Clara a web guy now runs free...

Onto the details!

What is Crusoe for?

"Crusoe is the future of mobile internet computing"

The Crusoe processors: TM3120 and TM5400 are designed for mobile applications. The TM5400 is meant to be included in sub 4 pound laptops, and has impressive battery time stats, although Transmeta would not say exactly what those are but when prodded allowed it to be 2-2.5 times the standard 3-4 hour battery life. Only 3-4 hours are possible for DVD running, as it is a power intensive application. The  price tag for the new Crusoe based notebooks are expected to be within the $1200 - $2500 range (for 700Mhz!). TM3120 is designed to be included within "web appliances," such as the "Web Pad" that was demo'd on the webcast, and would be prices between $500 - $1000. Such web appliances would run on Mobile Linux. Hard-drive less, the web appliances would retain their Mobile Linux operating system within ROM. The units would be based on wireless technology to allow total freedom within an unspecified range. The TM3120 Processor is not destined to become part of Cell phones, or palm pilot like PDA's as had been previously speculated.

Mobile Applications

The "Web Pad"

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