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DDR Memory Roundup: Who's King?
DDR Memory Roundup: Who's King? - PCSTATS
Abstract: We all know that memory is one of the most important things in a computer, but when people are buying it they often choose the cheapest parts.
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External Mfg. Website: Various May 29 2002   C. Sun  
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Let the testing begin!

pcstats test system specs:

computer hardware:

processor: amd athlonxp 2000+
clock speed:

various fsb's, CPU speed kept at around 1.66 GHz


Epox 8K3A+



Videocard: MSI GeForce 4 Ti4600

256MB Corsair XMS2400
256MB Crucial PC2100
256MB Crucial PC2700
256MB Generic PC2100
256MB KingMAX PC2700
256MB OCZ PC2400
256MB OCZ PC3000
256MB Mushkin PC2100

Hard Drive: 40GB 7200RPM Maxtor D740X Ultra/133
CDROM: Panasonic 48x CD-ROM CR-594-B

Panasonic 1.44MB Floppy Drive

Heatsink: Thermalright SK-6 w/60mm Delta
PowerSupply: Antec 400W PSU
Software Setup: WindowsXP
VIA 4in1 4.38V
DetonatorXP 27.70

SiSoft Sandra 2002 Pro
3DMark2001 SE

Sisoft Sandra 2002 Pro Source: Sandra

Sandra is designed to test the theoretical power of a complete system and individual components. The numbers taken though are again, purely theoretical and may not represent real world performance. Higher numbers represent better performance.

SiSoft Sandra 2001 Benchmark Results

Memory Benchmark (FSB/Memory)


1. Integer ALU - 256MB OCZ PC3000 (208/416 MHz) 2834 MB/s
2. Integer ALU - 256MB Crucial PC2700 (180/360 MHz) 2745 MB/s
3. Integer ALU - 256MB KingMAX PC2700 (179/358 MHz) 2728 MB/s
4. Integer ALU - 256MB Mushkin PC2100 (175/350 MHz) 2699 MB/s
5. Integer ALU - 256MB OCZ PC2400 (170/340 MHz) 2627 MB/s
6. Integer ALU - 256MB Corsair XMS2400 (171/342 MHz) 2617 MB/s
7. Integer ALU - 256MB Crucial PC2100 (168/336 MHz) 2575 MB/s
8. Integer ALU - 256MB Generic PC2100 (166/333 MHz) 2543 MB/s


1. Float FPU - 256MB Crucial PC2700 (180/360 MHz) 2572 MB/s
2. Float FPU - 256MB OCZ PC3000 (208/416 MHz) 2562 MB/s
3. Float FPU - 256MB KingMAX PC2700 (179/358 MHz)

2552 MB/s

4. Float FPU - 256MB Mushkin PC2100 (175/350 MHz) 2539 MB/s
5. Float FPU - 256MB OCZ PC2400 (170/340 MHz) 2480 MB/s
6. Float FPU - 256MB Corsair XMS2400 (171/342 MHz) 2455 MB/s
7. Float FPU - 256MB Crucial PC2100 (168/336 MHz) 2413 MB/s
8. Float FPU - 256MB Generic PC2100 (166/333 MHz) 2382 MB/s

It's very interesting to see that the OCZ PC3000 totally dominates the field in the ALU category, but doesn't lead in the FPU department; that title goes to the Crucial PC2700 DDR at 180 MHz FSB. One thing to note though is that the OCZ PC3000 DDR is using the most conservative memory timings while the rest of the pack is using the most aggressive settings.

3DMark2001 SE Source: MadOnion

3DMark2001 SE is the latest installment in the 3DMark series by MadOnion. By combining DirectX8 support with completely new graphics, it continues to provide good overall system benchmarks. 3DMark2001 SE has been created in cooperation with the major 3D accelerator and processor manufacturers to provide a reliable set of diagnostic tools. The suite demonstrates 3D gaming performance by using real-world gaming technology to test a system's true performance abilities. Tests include: DirectX8 Vertex Shaders, Pixel Shaders and Point Sprites, DOT3 and Environment Mapped Bump Mapping, support for Full Scene Anti-aliasing and Texture Compression and two game tests using Ipion real-time physics. Higher 3DMark scores denote better performance.

3DMark2001 SE Default Benchmark Results
Memory (FSB/Memory) 3DMarks Ranking
1. 256MB OCZ PC3000 (208/416 MHz) 12047

256MB Crucial PC2700 (180/360 MHz)

3. 256MB KingMAX PC2700 (179/358 MHz) 11816

256MB Mushkin PC2100 (175/350 MHz)

5. 256MB Corsair XMS2400 (171/342 MHz) 11379
6. 256MB OCZ PC2400 (170/340 MHz) 11346
7. 256MB Crucial PC2100 (168/336 MHz) 11302
8. 256MB Generic PC2100 (166/333 MHz) 11212

Here the OCZ PC3000 leads because of it's much higher FSB. Even with conservative memory timings it gets the highest 3DMarks followed very closely by both the Crucial PC2700 and KingMAX PC2700. We're very pleasantly surprised by how well the generic DDR PC2100 has been doing as well!

With so much high quality memory fighting for your overclocking dollar, there has never been a better time to buy DDR RAM.

It's funny that all the PC2100 DDR RAM with Micron DRAM all topped out at around the same speed while both sticks of PC2700 DDR again hit the same ceiling.

The OCZ PC3000 DDR goes all the way up to 208 MHz FSB, however because of it's slower memory timings it can't really pull away from the other contenders. We were pleasantly surprised by how well the generic PC2100 DDR performed considering we had very low expectations for it.

Of all the three sticks of memory that we tested which are at or above the PC2700 speed, only the Crucial PC2700 is JEDEC compliant; the others, the KingMAX and OCZ PC3000 are both compatible. If one was to buy memory right now the Crucial PC2700 is the best bet since it's damn fast, damn cheap, and pretty damn good!

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