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MSI Champion Edition G4Ti4600-TD Videocard
MSI Champion Edition G4Ti4600-TD Videocard - PCSTATS
Using the same shiny GPU cooler, the videocard does look very fancy.
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External Mfg. Website: MSI Sep 03 2002   C. Sun  
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Overclocking the Champion Edition

I had some pretty high hopes when it came to overclocking. After all the G4Ti4600-VTD I bought so long ago did 325/770 out of the box! Since I'm a naughty impatient overclocker, I immediately pushed the core speed to 325 MHz. The Champ Ed did that with no problems so I pushed the core speed up another 5 MHz. At 330 MHz we again didn't have a single problem! Great I thought, and pushed it up yet another 5 MHz to 335 MHz.

The MSI videocard handled things like a true Champion and didn't give me any problems! Feeling lucky I pushed it up to 340 MHz and while it would run the Nature game test in 3DMark, it would lock up in everything else.

After tinkering for about half an hour, I settled for a nice 336 MHz core overclock speed.

Since the core overclocked as well as it did, I was very excited for the memory... but unfortunately the BGA memory on this card was not up to the challenge. The first setting I tried was 725 MHz. No problems with that. Next I pushed the memory to 750 MHz... Bam.

When I hit the "Test New Settings" button in the drivers I was greeted with a horrible sight. The card was artifacting very badly and there was also a lot of tearing! I have never seen tearing in a 2D image before, and I must say it was a scary sight! Lowering the memory speed to 740 MHz still produced some heavy artifacting but thank god there was no tearing.

In the end the maximum speed I could get out of the memory was 736 MHz. Not the greatest overclock, but then again overclocking is luck of the draw most of the time!

Still, at 336/736 (core/memory speed) the card was very fast as you'll see in the accompanying benchmarks!

pcstats test system specs:

computer hardware:

processor: amd athonxp 2000+ (t-bred)
clock speed:

12.5 x 133 mhz = 1.66 ghz


epox 8k3a+


via kt333ce


msi champ ed. g4ti4600-td (300/660)

msi champ ed. g4ti4600-td (336/736)

sound card: n/a
network card:



256mb corsair xms3200 cas2

hard drive: 40gb samsung sp4004h 7200rpm hdd
cdrom: nec 52x cd-rom

panasonic 1.44mb floppy drive

heatsink: thermalright sk-6 w/60mm 40 cfm ys tech
powersupply: antec 400w psu
software setup: windowsxp
via 4in1 4.42v
detonatorxp 30.82

commanche 4
quake iii arena ver 1.17
return to castle wolfenstien

3dmark2001se with aa
aquamark with aa
quake iii arena with aa

because i have no reference benchmarks with the new detonatorxp 30.82 drivers, i won't be comparing the MSI Champion Edition G4Ti4600-TD to any other videocard.

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Contents of Article: MSI G4Ti4600-TD
 Pg 1.  MSI Champion Edition G4Ti4600-TD Videocard
 Pg 2.  — Overclocking the Champion Edition
 Pg 3.  Benchmarks: 3DMark 2000/2001SE
 Pg 4.  Benchmarks: AquaMark
 Pg 5.  Benchmarks: DroneZ
 Pg 6.  Benchmarks: Code Creatures
 Pg 7.  Benchmarks: Comanche 4
 Pg 8.  Benchmarks: QIII Arena
 Pg 9.  Benchmarks: 3DMark2001SE with AA
 Pg 10.  Benchmarks: AquaMark with AA
 Pg 11.  Benchmarks: QIII Arena AA and Conclusions

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