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Seagate Barracuda ST328040A 28GB HDD Review
Seagate Barracuda ST328040A 28GB HDD Review - PCSTATS
As we all know your regular PC system components such as the CPU, RAM, motherboard and chipset can play a big part in determining overall performance of your everyday computer system. And though we all are aware that a hard disk plays a similar role, not as much emphasis is put on it.
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External Mfg. Website: Seagate Apr 26 2000   P. Masrani  
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Threadmark 2.0

Threadmark 2.0

Performance Analysis

From the scores seen above and on the previous page, it is clear that the ST328040A leaves the Quantum lct08 far behind performance wise. Though both drives do operate at different rotational speeds, the objective of this comparison was to bring to light the performance advantages of a 7200rpm drive over a 5400rpm type. And the results do show such benefits of a 7200rpm drive. As I am used to using a 5400rpm drive for my personal use, it was certainly a wonderful change when loading up applications (and the NT OS) using the Barracuda.

Various programs took just about no time to load and I never in my life have seen Windows NT load so fast! Sure, the Quantum lct08 is certainly a pretty fast drive, no doubt, but regular usage of the Seagate provided the testimonial of its performance. Frankly, I was pretty amazed.

CPU Utilization was at its lowest under Windows NT. Naturally, one would expect this from such a robust operating system. Another good thing was that the Barracuda actually reported access times (under the Winbench Disk Inspection Tests) very close to manufacturer specifications. More specifically, the access time reported under this test was 8.56 under Windows 98 (FAT16) and 8.54 under Windows NT (NTFS) as against the 8.0ms rating given to us by Seagate. Access time was pretty high under Windows 98 with a FAT32 partition with an average access time of just over 14ms.

Okay, so we have already seen that the Barracuda is a really fast drive. What about the known disadvantages that come with 7200rpm drives? Well, here we go...

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