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OCZ PC3700 Dual Channel Gold Edition Rev 2 Memory
OCZ PC3700 Dual Channel Gold Edition Rev 2 Memory  - PCSTATS
While the fierce competition between the manufacturers is great for consumers, it can be rather difficult deciding what memory is best to buy especially for novice enthusiasts.
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External Mfg. Website: OCZ Technology Jan 20 2004   C. Sun  
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Benchmarks: UT2003, Conclusion

Unreal Tournament 2003

Source: Epic

Unreal Tournament 2003 is the sequel to 1999's multiple 'Game of the Year' award winner. It uses the very latest Unreal Engine technology - where graphics, sound and gameplay are taken beyond the bleeding edge. Unreal Tournament 2003 employs the use of Vertex as well as Pixel Shaders and it's recommended that you use a DirectX 8 videocard to get the most out of the game.

UT2003 640x480 Flyby
AMD (FSB/Memory) FPS Ranking
1. 2x 512MB OCZ Gold Rev2 PC3700 (200/400 MHz) 296.22
2. 2x 512MB OCZ Gold Rev2 PC3700 (243/486 MHz) 322.19

Intel (FSB/Memory)

1. 2x 512MB OCZ Gold Rev2 PC3700 (200/400 MHz) 241.66

2x 512MB OCZ Gold Rev2 PC3700 (230/460 MHz)


UT2003 640x480 Botmatch
AMD (FSB/Memory) FPS Ranking
1. 2x 512MB OCZ Gold Rev2 PC3700 (200/400 MHz) 95.12
2. 2x 512MB OCZ Gold Rev2 PC3700 (243/486 MHz) 102.6

Intel (FSB/Memory)

1. 2x 512MB OCZ Gold Rev2 PC3700 (200/400 MHz) 80.52

2x 512MB OCZ Gold Rev2 PC3700 (230/460 MHz)


As expected UT2003 backs up the other benchmarks. The OCZ Gold Rev2 PC3700 is not bad at all.

Decent Memory for the price.

2003 was OCZ's break out year, before that they were still known for producing enthusiast calibre memory, but they were not one of the first names you'd think of when trying to get "the ultimate overclocking DIMM's".

With the rest of the memory industry competing for the fastest DIMMs at the lowest latency, there have been a flood of new memory modules hitting the market, and that is simply great for you and me. Of course, picking out the perfect memory can be quite a challenge as there are lots of different combinations and speeds out there.

If you consider yourself an enthusiast, and want a fast computer, the OCZ PC3700 dual channel Gold Rev 2 kit is for you. 1GB of system memory (2x 512MB sticks) should be more then enough to handle your most demanding applications, and it's great to know that they can clock fairly high too.

By default the memory is rated to run at 233 MHz while using 2.5-4-4-7 timings and a voltage of 2.7V. Removing the heat spreaders we found that the DIMM's were using OCZ-labeled X4M560840A-50 DRAM which would indicate that it's actually overclocked PC3200...

This memory was built for Intel users, even OCZ state that. If you're game is Athlon64, you'll be happy to know that we could run up to 243 MHz while using 2-2-3-6 memory timings! On the Intel side of things, I'm sure we could have gone higher than 230 MHz FSB but unfortunately the Pentium 4 2.4C test system was not available at this time. I'll update this review a bit later if the results are different.

With a retail price of $410 CDN ($313 US) OCZs PC3700 DDR memory is not as expensive as some of the other modules PCstats has tested recently, but it's not exactly inexpensive either. If you don't want to spend (or have) time exploring the limits of your system then the OCZ PC3700 Gold Rev2 should suite you nicely.

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 Pg 5.  — Benchmarks: UT2003, Conclusion

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