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Beginners Guides: RSS Feed Setup & Subscriptions
Beginners Guides: RSS Feed Setup & Subscriptions - PCSTATS
As the internet advances, even surfing has become slow and laborious. Enter RSS Feeds, and the simplified way in which they allow us to keep a birds eye view on favourite websites content.
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Adding RSS Feeds

To add a new feed, go to your favourite sites in your web browser and look for a link to an RSS feed. It should look like one of the pictures below, or it could be a simple link reading 'RSS' or 'XML'.

Once you get to the actual RSS feed page (it'll just look like a page of code ), copy the address, go back to Feedreader and click the 'add feed' button.

Paste the address into the text box, hit 'next' then 'finish' to confirm, and the new feed will appear in the left hand pane. Clicking on the new feed will cause Feedreader to connect to that feed and download any items that are posted there.

Another great source of RSS feeds are websites and search engines that specialize in RSS feed listings. Some of these sites act as aggregators themselves, presenting consensus headlines from many different news feeds, for one example. The three following sites will give you plenty of material to add to your list.


feedreader will stay resident in the taskbar when you close it, and will attempt to contact all your rss feeds every hour to look for new items. when these are found, the icon in the taskbar will animate, informing you that there is new content available.

other rss readers

there are many, many different rss reading programs out there, and most are free, so if you are not finding feedreader to your liking, feel free to explore. if you use the Firefox web browser , we can recommend the Sage RSS reader extension.

It integrates seamlessly into Firefox and has the advantage of being able to automatically discover RSS feeds from a given web page.

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 Pg 4.  Types of RSS feeds
 Pg 5.  Creating an RSS feed for your website
 Pg 6.  Examining your first RSS file

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