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RAIDMAX LP-6100E 500W Power Supply Review
RAIDMAX LP-6100E 500W Power Supply Review - PCSTATS
Abstract: The Raidmax LP6100E 500W power supply is ATX 1.2 compliant, and doesn't come with anything other than a power cord.
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External Mfg. Website: Raidmax Apr 26 2004   C. Sun  
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Onto the testing...

PCStats Test System Specs:

intel pentium 4 540

clock speed: 16 x 200 mhz = 3.2 ghz

gigabyte ga-8anxp-d, 925x


msi rx800xt-vtd


2x 512mb crucial ballistix pc-5300

hard drive: 74gb wd raptor
cdrom: aopen 8x dvd+/-rw
powersupply: raidmax lp6100e 500w psu

*all voltages were read from the motherboard bios.

Listed Voltages AMP Lower Voltage Upper Voltage Jitter
+3.3V 30A 3.30v 3.33v 0.03v
+5.0V 50A 4.97v 5.01v 0.04v
+12V 25A 11.84v 11.96v 0.12v
-12V 0.8A 12.00v 12.00v 0.00v
-5.0V 0.3A 5.00v 5.00v 0.00v
+5.0Vsb 2A 5.00v 5.00v 0.00v

Voltage values are pretty stable and accurate all around, despite using a pretty hefty test system. There's plenty of 3.3V and +5.0V power to split among the various system devices, but we were a bit surprised to see the +12V rail dip to 11.84V in the BIOS. The system was idle during this test, and when it's under load, the voltage would most likely dip further. Our test system was completely stable during testing though, and did not exhibit any sign of problems even when we ran Prime 95.

Seasonic Load Tests Source: Seasonic

When looking at the Seasonic Power Supply test results we see two values, wattage and volt-amps. Since it might not be clear what they measure, here's a brief overview.

The volt-amp (VA) value is how much real power is being consumed by the power supply being tested to provide the wattage (W) value. The higher the VA value is, the more electricity is being used by the power supply. Because no electrical device is 100% efficient, there will always be some loss when converting AC to DC. The closer the volt-amps and wattage figures are to each other, the more efficient a power supply is. This is called the Power Factor: wattage / volt-amps = PF.

Since we're testing with a 120W dummy load, the load on the power supply (wattage) should be as close to this figure as possible. Anything above this load in apparent power describes the overhead and wasted energy (given off as heat) for the particular power supply being tested.

For the unloaded tests, the wattage and volt-amp figures should be as close as possible to one another. The lower the figures are, the less power is being used.

Seasonic Load Tests

Power Supply Wattage Test Load Unloaded
Seasonic SuperTornado 400 W Active Power 177 W 6 W
Apparent Power 182 VA 7 VA
Vantec iON2

350 W

Active Power

192 W

10 W
Apparent Power 277 VA 21 VA
Ultra X-Connect Green UV 500W 500 W Active Power 193W 22 W
Apparent Power 307 VA 40 VA
AOpen Silent Power AO400-12AHN 400W Active Power 179W 9 W
Apparent Power 275 VA 18 VA
Seasonic S12-430 430W Active Power 179W 6W
Apparent Power 180VA 9VA
RAIDMAX LDE6001E 500W Active Power 187W 12W
Apparent Power 275VA 24VA

As the results indicate, the RAIDMAX LDE6001E is not very power efficient, pulling only around 68% efficiency that the ATX 1.02 standard requires. Compared to the other power supplies we've tested recently, the Raidmax LDE6001E is not the worst in terms of power inefficiency, but you should definitely take notice of how much power your PSU draws before you notice it on your power bills.

Better than generic...

RAIDMAX is not a name you'd associate with high-end power supplies; and this is not a high end powersupply. The company delivers a mainstream-quality component at near generic price levels.

If it comes down to a generic 500W power supply or the RAIDMAX LDE6001E which retails for $60 CDN ($49 US) , the choice is should be obvious. During testing the LDE6001E performed well; the +12V rail voltage dipped a bit at 11.84V with the system idle, but we did not experience any stability problems with our Pentium 4 system running Prime95. The other voltages were rock solid, which is good because there are many components inside a computer that can fail if fed bad power.

In the Seasonic load tests we saw that the RAIDMAX LDE6001E performed poorly, but then again all non-PFC (Power Factor Correction) enabled power supplies do so in this area. If you can afford to, we'd recommend opting for a PFC powersupply. If you're on a tight budget the RAIDMAX LDE6001E might be an economical choice for a low end system, since it's not much more expensive than a no-name unit. However, if you have a reasonable budget to build a PC with, do yourself a favour and invest it in a powersupply that has more power connectors and is more power efficient; qualities that the Raidmax LDE6001E misses the mark on completely.

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