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Chenbro Netserver Case Review
Chenbro Netserver Case Review - PCSTATS
Time for a case upgrade? What if you're running an FTP, or just have A LOT of gear to pack in your computer... Time for a server class case :-) Don't even think candy colours for this sucker!
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Net Server Case Review

When you look inside your computer can you actually see the motherboard or is it simply a mess of cables, cards and drives (like mine). Could be that you've outgrown your little mid-tower and its time for a case upgrade. Just consider for a second how a cramped case can adversely affect your computers performance; decreased air flow being one of the deciding factors in higher case temperatures.

Given a hot case it's usually a good idea to cut a few holes and install some 90mm fans to improve air flow. While that will work well for most cases, the benefits start to be less obvious if there is just a shear number of devices crammed into the case that are causing the temperature problems. Solution - upgrade the case to a bigger one. 

One of the best upgrades these days seems to be the Aopen HX08, but what if that isn't big enough? What if you're running an FTP, or just have A LOT of gear to pack in your computer...

Time to move into the big leagues and get a server case. Hey we don't go half-assed  and get one of those candy coloured iMac wannabe's around here.

Enter the Net Server Case A9891.

Net Server Case A9891

  • Dimensions: 18"x16"x14.5"
  • (4) 1.25" wheels for mobility
  • Lockable power switch/drive bays/internal compartment access.
  • (8) 5.25", (2) 3.5" bays
  • Room for redundant PSU
  • Accepts (3) 80mm, (3) 92mm, (1) 60mm & (1) 120mm case fans.
  • Intake vents on front of case
  • Built in air filter
  • Accomodates (6) HDD
  • (6) drive activity LED's on case front
  • Full AT, baby AT, ATX, & mini ATX compatible
  • Partitioned drive and motherboard regions
  • Metal edges are rounded :-)
  • Case is very sturdy, makes a good seat
  • Made by Chenbro
  • Price: $280 CDN

Cooling Properties

First off I think it's best to mention the number nine. Why? Because that is the number of fans this case can take without any modifications! Truly we are in the world of server cases. Focusing in on just the motherboard compartment for the moment, there are two 92mm fans which pull in cool air (through an air filter no less) and help to keep things like your processor and slot cards, nice and cool.

Considering that 92mm Rodale fans can range in power from 27-60CFM, and Nidec fans from 28-62CFM; that's potentially 120-124CFM of fresh air being brought in to cool the motherboard, slot cards, and CPU. This case is made to cool some seriously toasty devices for sure.

With the mid-tower class of case, too many devices lead to too many wires which clog up free space and inhibit air flow. The Net Server's compartment housing the motherboard and similar devices is about 7.5" deep, leaving about 2.5" inches of space over-top of the slot cards - plenty of room for good airflow and tones of cables.

Click to enlarge exploded diagrams

Even the largest of heatsinks could fit into this case without any difficulties, having its' cooling prowess aided by the rear air vents to boot. Most, but not all mid-towers have some type of perforated venting on the backs of their cases, but the Net Server Case has it where it really counts - directly behind the CPU. A space of 6"x2.5" is prefaced with 0.25" circular holes, and has a mounting bracket to accept a 60mm fan. With 8-25CFM fans of this type coming from Nidec, the motherboard compartment could be drawing in 124CFM, and force exhausting 25CFM directly behind the CPU.

The drive compartment of the case can be stacked with three 80mm intake fans (i.e. blowing cool air over a rack of SCSI drives to keep them from burning up) and one large 120mm exhaust fan if the 3.5HDD rack isn't used (or a 92mm fan if it is). Using Nidec fans that's potentially 129CFM of intake and 130CFM of exhaust on one side of a case!! Impressive, noisy, but impressive. I think this case packed with every possible fan would just be to noisy to deal with for the office, but even without any of the fans the shear volume of the Net Server case works towards keeping everything close to room temp. Now, there is plenty of space to install a really good liquid cooling rig - but that's for another weekend. :-)

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