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Intel Pentium III 600E Overclocking
Intel Pentium III 600E Overclocking - PCSTATS
Intel's 600E is the hottest CPU to overclock right now. But what motherboard, heat sink and fan combo should you be overclocking with?
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External Mfg. Website: Intel Apr 20 2000   B. Ly  
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Pentium III 600E FUN

Over the past few years, overclocking has become an incredibly popular trend amongst computer junkies. I don't want to bore you all with my overclocking history, but believe me, I've done A LOT of overclocking. As I've mentioned before in "What's Hot - Gamers Edition," the Intel Pentium III-600E is the hottest CPU to overclock right now. And with my brainwashing, you have decided to go out and purchase a Pentium III-600E CPU to overclock. But what motherboard, and heat sink and fan combo should you be overclocking with?

This article will cover a variety of products:

  • Intel Pentium III-600E FC-PGA CPU [$400 CDN / $272 USD]
  • Intel Retail Heat sink (FC-PGA) [FREE w/ above CPU]
  • Alpha FC-PAL35 Heat sink (FC-PGA) [$40 CDN / $ 27 USD + shipping)]
  • Silver Thermal Paste [$ 28 CDN / $19 USD]
  • Abit BF6 Motherboard [$165 CDN / $112 USD]
  • Abit VT6X4 Motherboard [$160 CDN / $109 USD]
  • MSI 6905 Master CPU Converter Card (for PPGA - Celeron and FC-PGA Pentium III) [$26 CDN / $16 USD]

Bao's Box O' Pain:

  • Intel Pentium III 600E FC-PGA w/ MSI 6905 Master
  • Abit VT6X4 Motherboard [w/ 4 in 1 v 4.17 drivers] (ah dead give away as to which board I've kept eh.)
  • 128MB PC-100 LGS
  • 128MB PC-100 Hyundai
  • IBM Desktar 13.6GB 7200 RPM ATA/66
  • Creative Labs Annihilator Pro (Using leaked Detonator V5.13 Drivers, Core and Memory speed set at default, unless noted.)
  • Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live Platinum
  • "SOHO" 10/100 NIC
  • D-Link 530TX 10/100 NIC
  • Toshiba 5X DVD (A bit old I know, but hey DVD drives are EXPENSIVE these days..)
  • Plextor 8432A CDRW
  • "Super Case" -- Midtower with an Enermax 350 Watt power supply.

Let's just do a quick comparison of the Abit BF6 (i440BX) versus the Abit VT6X4 (VIA 133A.) As I'm simply listing the features (shamelessly yanked from the Abit website) of the BF6 and the VT6X4, skip this section if it bores you.

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Contents of Article: Intel Pentium III 600E
 Pg 1.  — Intel Pentium III 600E Overclocking
 Pg 2.  Motherboard Specs
 Pg 3.  The first set of Sandra Benchmarks
 Pg 4.  Quake III, Temperatures, OC'ing
 Pg 5.  Overclocked Sandra Benchmarks
 Pg 6.  Final Results! What you have been stiving for...

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