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Gigabyte GV-3D1-68GT Dual-GPU Videocard Review
Gigabyte GV-3D1-68GT Dual-GPU Videocard Review - PCSTATS
The Gigabyte GV-3D1-68GT videocard comes packing 512MB of GDDR3 memory, and conforms to the PCI Express x16 formfactor.
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External Mfg. Website: Gigabyte Dec 07 2005   C. Sun  
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Benchmarks: Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Source: Ubisoft

State of the art graphics and sound technology collide to produce the most breathtaking gaming experience on any console. Advanced physics modeling enables rag doll physics, particle effects, and Seamlessly dynamic environments.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
1024x768 SM1: FPS Ranking
ATi Radeon X850 XT PE 86.623737
MSI RX850XT-TD256E 81.263759
MSI RX800XT-VTD256E 77.372329
ATi Radeon X800 XL 69.6401
PowerColor X700 Pro 39.210549
MSI NX7800GTX-VT2D256E (Single) 107.863931
MSI NX7800GTX-VT2D256E (7800GTX SLI) 131.000137
Asus EN7800GT 2DHTV/256M/OSP/A 92.219555
Asus EN7800GT 2DHTV/256M/OSP/A (7800GT SLI) 130.259482
MSI NX6800GT-T2D256E 69.111313
MSI NX6800-TD128E 49.110635
MSI NX6800-TD128E (6800 SLI) 90.409479
MSI NX6600GT-TD128E 46.749263
MSI NX6600GT-TD128E (6600GT SLI) 96.626367
Gigabyte GV-3D1-68GT 73.280109
Gigabyte GV-3D1-68GT (6800GT SLI) 66.831358
1600x1200 SM1: FPS Ranking
ATi Radeon X850 XT PE 49.760193
MSI RX850XT-TD256E 46.622127
MSI RX800XT-VTD256E 44.163895
ATi Radeon X800 XL 39.23512
PowerColor X700 Pro 21.21478
MSI NX7800GTX-VT2D256E (Single) 61.509644
MSI NX7800GTX-VT2D256E (7800GTX SLI) 110.730417
Asus EN7800GT 2DHTV/256M/OSP/A 50.910363
Asus EN7800GT 2DHTV/256M/OSP/A (7800GT SLI) 97.669083
MSI NX6800GT-T2D256E 37.633623
MSI NX6800-TD128E 26.081717
MSI NX6800-TD128E (6800 SLI) 49.231659
MSI NX6600GT-TD128E 24.750879
MSI NX6600GT-TD128E (6600GT SLI) 46.761509
Gigabyte GV-3D1-68GT 39.657156
Gigabyte GV-3D1-68GT (6800GT SLI) 78.587007
1024x768 SM3: FPS Ranking
ATi Radeon X850 XT PE N/A
ATi Radeon X800 XL N/A
PowerColor X700 Pro N/A
MSI NX7800GTX-VT2D256E (Single) 81.152198
MSI NX7800GTX-VT2D256E (7800GTX SLI) 128.904742
Asus EN7800GT 2DHTV/256M/OSP/A 67.01004
Asus EN7800GT 2DHTV/256M/OSP/A (7800GT SLI) 120.492345
MSI NX6800GT-T2D256E 50.173864
MSI NX6800-TD128E 34.558808
MSI NX6800-TD128E (6800 SLI) 63.580809
MSI NX6600GT-TD128E 32.233645
MSI NX6600GT-TD128E (6600GT SLI) 59.391729
Gigabyte GV-3D1-68GT 51.82584
Gigabyte GV-3D1-68GT (6800GT SLI) 0
1600x1200 SM3: FPS Ranking
ATi Radeon X850 XT PE N/A
ATi Radeon X800 XL N/A
PowerColor X700 Pro N/A
MSI NX7800GTX-VT2D256E (Single) 42.214223
MSI NX7800GTX-VT2D256E (7800GTX SLI) 79.930336
Asus EN7800GT 2DHTV/256M/OSP/A 34.336676
Asus EN7800GT 2DHTV/256M/OSP/A (7800GT SLI) 66.86152
MSI NX6800GT-T2D256E 25.485084
MSI NX6800-TD128E 17.309948
MSI NX6800-TD128E (6800 SLI) 31.423485
MSI NX6600GT-TD128E 16.01125
MSI NX6600GT-TD128E (6600GT SLI) 27.818072
Gigabyte GV-3D1-68GT 26.108733
Gigabyte GV-3D1-68GT (6800GT SLI) 0

The ATi reference videocards were no able to complete the Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory SM3 tests because the Radeon does not support the necessary features. The results from the Gigabyte GV-3D1-68GT are very odd, and we're not completely sure what the problem is. Every time the SM3 test was run, the Gigabyte videocard would lock up during the benchmark.

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