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Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6 Intel P35 Motherboard Review
Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6 Intel P35 Motherboard Review - PCSTATS
The new mainstream Intel P35 Express Northbridge looks quite a lot like Intel's old P965 series chipset, but with two very major inclusions; support for 1333 MHz Front Side Bus and official support for DDR3 RAM.
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External Mfg. Website: Gigabyte May 29 2007   C. Sun  
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Overclocking on Intel's P35 Chipset

Overclocking Results:
stock max. oc
motherboard speed: 266 mhz

482 mhz

if you're new to Overclocking and not sure what to do, check out these two excellent Guides for some pointers:
Overclocking the CPU and Memory
Overclocking the Videocard

Intel's previous mainstream chipset was a pretty good overclocker. PCSTATS definitely has some high hopes for the P35 Express and Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6 motherboard. Equipped with an Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 processor and Corsair DOMINATOR Twin2X2048-8888C4DF memory, PCSTATS began these overlocking tests pretty sure that the processor would be the one component to hold the mtherboard back. Before the ovreclocking began, the memory was set to run at DDR2-533 MHz mode.

Starting at 266 MHz the FSB was increased 5 MHz at a time. Without much surprise the Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6 broke 300 MHz and reached 333 MHz easily. Heck the GA-P35-DQ6's default operating speed is 333 MHz anyway right? So now the real overclocking begins. At 350 MHz the Core 2 Duo E6600 processor started to give us some problems, so the voltage was increased to 1.375V.

The Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6 definitely handled overclocking quite well, and only at 380 MHz did the Northbridge voltage have to be increased by 0.1V. To reach 400 MHz FSB the CPU voltage had to be increased again, this time to 1.4V. At 430 MHz the system started to lock up and the P35 Northbridge voltage was increased by an additional 0.2V above stock.

The Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6 motherboard reached a maximum speed of 482 MHz, anything higher and the system became unstable. I believe the E6600 processor was the limiting factor, as increasing the P35 Express voltage did not yield more stability. This is the first Intel P35 motherboard PCSTATS has tested but so far we definitely like what we're seeing! =D

The Gigabyte BIOS:

The Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6 motherboard allows you to adjust the FSB between 100-700 MHz in 1 MHz increments. There are a whole host of memory speed options, and you can also adjust the memory timings in the MB Intelligent Tweaker too.

At the bottom of the MIT screen we find the voltage options, gone are the days of wussy voltage options from Gigabyte! You can increase the memory voltage to 1.55V above stock, PCI-E, FSB and Northbridge voltage 0.375V above stock. CPU voltage goes as high as 2.35V. Gigabyte gives you enough voltage to damage your hardware, so make sure you know what you're doing before trying to overclock!

Prelude to Benchmarks

The details of how the Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6 motherboard test system was configured for benchmarking, including the specific hardware, software drivers, operating system and benchmark versions are indicated below. In the second column are the general specs for the reference platforms this Intel P35 Express based system is to be compared against. Please take a moment to look over PCSTATS test system configurations before moving on to the individual benchmark results.

PCSTATS Test System Configurations
test system reference system #1 reference system #2
processor: intel Core 2 Duo E6600 (775) AMD Athlon64 X2 5000+ (AM2)
Clock Speed: 9 x 266 MHz = 2.4 GHz 13 x 200 MHz = 2.6 GHz
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6 (P35 Express )

ECS PN2 SLI2+ (NF 680i SLI)
Foxconn 975X7AB-8EKRS2H (975X)
Biostar TForce P965 DLX (P965 Express )
Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 (P965 Express )
Foxconn P9657AA-8KS2H (P965 Express )
MSI P965 Platinum (P965 Express )
Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6 (P965 Express )

ASRock AM2V890-VSTA (VIA K8T890)
Albatron KM51PV-AM2 (GF6150)
MSI K9N SLI Platinum (NF 570 SLI)
Videocard: MSI NX7800GTX-VT2D256E

2x 1024MB Corsair Twin2X2048-6400C4

Hard Drive: 74GB Western Digital Raptor WD740
CDROM: AOpen Combo 52x
Power Supply: PC Power & Cooling TurboCool 510 SLI
Heatsink: Intel E6600 Reference AMD Athlon64 FX-62 Reference
Software Setup:

Microsoft WindowsXP SP2
Intel INF 7.22
nVIDIA Forceware 91.47

Microsoft WindowsXP SP2
nVIDIA Forceware 9.35
nVIDIA Forceware 91.47


SYSMark 2004
PC Worldbench 5.0
Super Pi
SiSoft Sandra 2005
Doom 3

Quake 4

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