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Samsung ATIV Book 9-Lite NP915S3G-K01 13.3-inch Touch Screen Notebook Review
Samsung ATIV Book 9-Lite NP915S3G-K01 13.3-inch Touch Screen Notebook Review - PCSTATS
Samsung's ATIV Book 9-Lite slots in somewhere between mainstream laptop and tablet on steroids, though at first glance it looks unassailably like an Ultrabook.
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Notebook Benchmarks: Sysmark 2012, PCmark Vantage

SYSmark 2012 Source: Bapco

SYSmark 2012 is an application-based benchmark that reflects usage patterns of business users in the areas of office productivity, data/financial analysis, system management, media creation, 3D modeling and web development. SYSmark 2012 is a ground up development and features the latest and most popular applications from each of their respective fields.

PCSTATS Benchmark ReportSYSMark 2012
Overall: Points Ranking
Samsung 540U3C-A01 106
Samsung 900X4C-A02 128
Samsung 915S3G-K01 37
Office Productivity: Points Ranking
Samsung 540U3C-A01 111
Samsung 900X4C-A02 126
Samsung 915S3G-K01 40
Media Creation: Points Ranking
Samsung 540U3C-A01 110
Samsung 900X4C-A02 125
Samsung 915S3G-K01 25
Web Development: Points Ranking
Samsung 540U3C-A01 95
Samsung 900X4C-A02 118
Samsung 915S3G-K01 33
Data / Financial Analysis: Points Ranking
Samsung 540U3C-A01 126
Samsung 900X4C-A02 136
Samsung 915S3G-K01 42
3D Modeling: Points Ranking
Samsung 540U3C-A01 92
Samsung 900X4C-A02 115
Samsung 915S3G-K01 43
System Management: Points Ranking
Samsung 540U3C-A01 103
Samsung 900X4C-A02 154
Samsung 915S3G-K01 47

Sysmark gives the Samsung ATIV Book 9-Lite notebook a real run for its money and quite pointedly illustrates how much this is not an Ultrabook. The ATIV Book 9-Lite is a clearly an entry level laptop that straddles the line between tablet PC and ultra compact computer. With 4GB of fixed memory and a 1GHz quad-core (AMD A6-1450 APU) processor with zero L3 cache, the ATIV Book 9 Lite is no where near the same performance category as the Samsung 900X4C Ultrabook and its Core i7 processor. The Samsung ATIV Book 9-Lite notebook gets it's computer chips handed to it in Sysmark, an overal score of 37 is quite low.... the ATIV Book 9-Lite may look like an Ultrabook, but it is clearly an entry level laptop, a notch up from a tablet PC judging by this system-level benchmark.

PCMark Vantage results are next.

FutureMark PCMark Vantage Source: FutureMark

The latest version of the popular PCMark series, PCMark Vantage is an application-based benchmark and a premium tool for measuring overall PC performance. It uses portions of real applications instead of including whole applications or using specifically created code. This allows PCMark Vantage to maintain a smaller installation size while still giving accurate results.

PCSTATS Benchmark ReportFuturemark PCMark Vantage
Overall: Points Ranking
Samsung 540U3C-A01 9291
Samsung 900X4C-A02 12477
Samsung 915S3G-K01 FAIL
Memory: Points Ranking
Samsung 540U3C-A01 6101
Samsung 900X4C-A02 7516
Samsung 915S3G-K01 3688
TV and Movies: Points Ranking
Samsung 540U3C-A01 4000
Samsung 900X4C-A02 5270
Samsung 915S3G-K01 FAIL
Gaming: Points Ranking
Samsung 540U3C-A01 7759
Samsung 900X4C-A02 9239
Samsung 915S3G-K01 5871
Music: Points Ranking
Samsung 540U3C-A01 9796
Samsung 900X4C-A02 15839
Samsung 915S3G-K01 6508
Communications: Points Ranking
Samsung 540U3C-A01 7388
Samsung 900X4C-A02 13324
Samsung 915S3G-K01 FAIL
Productivity: Points Ranking
Samsung 540U3C-A01 14457
Samsung 900X4C-A02 16216
Samsung 915S3G-K01 FAIL
HDD: Points Ranking
Samsung 540U3C-A01 23659
Samsung 900X4C-A02 39251
Samsung 915S3G-K01 31025

PCMark Vantage experienced difficulties completing its entire benchmark set on the Samsung ATIV Book 9-Lite notebook. This may have been due to touch screen enabled Windows 8 components or the abundant amount of pre-installed software. The benchmark failed to complete about half the tests, but based on the available results it looks like performace was a good 50% - 30% below the Intel Core i5 based Samsung 540U3C and Intel Core i7 based Samsung 900X4C notebooks. The only test where the Samsung ATIV Book 9-Lite notebook achieved a good result was the HDD sub-test, thanks to its 128GB solid state drive.

PCSTATS Benchmark ReportFuturemark PCMark 8
Home: Points Ranking
Samsung 915S3G-K01 1393
Work: Points Ranking
Samsung 915S3G-K01 2392

Next up, a collection of 3DMark benchmarks on the AMD Radeon 8250 integrated graphics core.

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 Pg 2.  ATIV Book 9-Lite Photo Gallery
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 Pg 4.  AMD Kabini Processor and Radeon Integrated Graphics
 Pg 5.  Looking Under the Hood - HDD & Memory
 Pg 6.  — Notebook Benchmarks: Sysmark 2012, PCmark Vantage
 Pg 7.  Notebook Gaming Benchmarks: 3DMark06, 3DMark Vantage, 3DMark 11
 Pg 8.  Notebook Benchmarks: Sandra 2012 CPU / Memory / SSD
 Pg 9.  Notebook SSD Benchmarks: PCmark Vantage HDD Suite, AS SSD
 Pg 10.  Final Thoughts on the ATIV

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