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Prototypes from COMDEX 2000
Prototypes from COMDEX 2000 - PCSTATS
Who doesn't like to see the coolest gadgets to hit the high-tech market? I know we do! We've compiled a gallery of the coolest innovations that caught our attention at COMDEX 2000.
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New heatsink concepts

Thermaltake - Custom Heatsinks

No these are not Thermaltakes newest heatsink incarnations. They should be... rather they are custom solutions designed by the company for various server and industrial applications. They look rather cool don't they!

Power Cooler - New Style Heatsinks

Heatsink innovations always take things in new and exciting directions. In this case, a company called Power Cooler has developed a cylindrical shaped cooler with integrated fan that harks back to the designs of Thermaltakes Orbs. Major differences exist of course, and the two types of coolers are in no way similar. The PCH113 measures 60mm x 60mm x 25mm, incorporates a 18CFM fan, and can apparently handle an Intel Pentium III 900mhz or AMD 1.3Ghz chip.

AOC - New Style Heatsinks

In comparison to the offerings by companies like Power Cooler and Thermaltake, AOC have developed this unique solution to cooling. By incorporating no less than two fans which sit perpendicular to the core of the processor the goal of this cooler is immediately obvious. Bring the heat up and away from the core, spread it around with the help of a hefty aluminum slug, and cool things off with an abundance of fins and dual fans. If that description isn't quite clear enough, just imagine a Golden Orb tipped on its' side with a base plate attached and you've got the right picture.

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Contents of Article: Comdex 2000
 Pg 1.  Prototypes from COMDEX 2000
 Pg 2.  Dual screen cell phones, DVD player, digital
 Pg 3.  Sony's VAIO desktop music station
 Pg 4.  Dual flat screens, and home ent. server
 Pg 5.  Memory stick enabled cell phones
 Pg 6.  GPS memory sticks and MiniDisks
 Pg 7.  Sub-notebooks and the tablet screen VAIO
 Pg 8.  VAIO prototype notebooks
 Pg 9.  5mm thick 2GB PCMCIA hard drive
 Pg 10.  Toshiba browsing pad
 Pg 11.  Toshiba large format e-book
 Pg 12.  TV remote with display
 Pg 13.  Super thin batteries and digital camera concepts
 Pg 14.  Sexy cases and sub-notebooks
 Pg 15.  Prototype IA devices
 Pg 16.  MP3 and CDRW units from Iomega
 Pg 17.  6GB Mp3 player and chilled server
 Pg 18.  — New heatsink concepts

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