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Logitech SoundMan Xtrusio DSR-100
Logitech SoundMan Xtrusio DSR-100 - PCSTATS
What could be better than a sleek, powerful pair of speakers for your system? One such solution to this vexing sonic problem may just well be Logitech's SoundMan Xtrusio.
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How do you controll it all?

With the system setup how do you control it all?

On other systems you might have to bend over to flick a button or turn up the volume, but Logitech have added one final component that we really like. The SoundTouch remote (as they call it) is a small palm-sized device that lets you control volume, fade-in between the front and rear speakers, power standby and even has a jack for a set of headphones.

It is a really handy little addition to this speaker system. I suppose a full fledged remote would be more flexible but if you're at the computer there really isn't much need to move around is there?

Extuded Technology

The Extusio's subwoofer sound quality is due partially to the extruded aluminum construction of the unit, and to the LIMAD technology contained within.

Typical computer speakers and subwoofers are made of plastic, and in some cases wood. Plastic is the most common as it is also the least expensive, and easiest to manufacture. Wood finds its' way into a few subwoofers on the market, but for the most part is left out. In traditional stereo systems it is the preferred material because of its tonal qualities and resonance. Plastic lacks all of these traits.

The only other option, and one which is rarely used, is metal. The Xtrusio's subwoofer is made from a one foot long segment of extruded aluminum. Within the oval-shapped cylinder are the powersupply and electronics which power the system, and the LIMAD-based speaker system.

LIMAD stands for Linear Magnetic Drive which basically refers to the speakers' magnet. The subwoofer speaker uses a neodymium magnet that according to Logitech offers better linear frequency response and a wider frequency range overall.

All subwoofers have a large speaker whose purpose is to move air in and out of the chamber. This is why subwoofers have holes on their fronts, which if you put your hand in front of when the volume is turned all the way up, you should be able to feel the air moving back and forth.

For this system to work properly and create deep bass, air has to be forced in and out of the subwoofer only through the tubes. If the air leaks out from a hole, or a loose joint it can affect the sound, and bass quality of the woofer. To combat this the Xtrusio's woofer comes equipped with rubber gaskets, and even washers around the screws. A few simple precautions which underscore the effort gone into making this a powerful subwoofer.

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