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Samsung SyncMaster 800TFT 18.1inch LCD Display
Samsung SyncMaster 800TFT 18.1inch LCD Display - PCSTATS
Just like the world of high-end CRT's, there is a world of high-end TFT displays designed with the professional in mind.
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External Display Features:

While the quality of the LCD panel and back light is obviously the most important point of any flatscreen display, there are still a few external aspects that can make or break a unit as a whole.

No matter how amazing the image quality is on a display, if you cannot adjust the the entire monitor to suit your position it won't be of much long lasting use. The movements of the 800TFT are generally subdued, partially due to the size of the unit, and partially due to its' intended purpose. Unlike smaller TFT displays the front to back rotation of the panel on the included stand is small, about 5 degrees forward and 15 degrees back - sufficient for desk work.

The stability of the base supporting the precious TFT panel is a prime concern for the longevity any display - tipping is not good. The base on the 800TFT has a wide stance to support the LCD panel. The base even has an integrated lazy-susan so the entire unit can be rotated horizontally with just one hand. The unit rotates as a one piece unit so the stand is always in the right orientation to support the heavy LCD panel.

We looked at a 15" Hitachi display previously which was rather unique in that its' support stand had a joint enabling it to rotate without moving the entire base-plate. That would be tricky to pull off with a flatscreen of this size. For proper support in each direction, the base would probably have to be quite large - taking up too much desk real estate to really be worth while.

As with a few TFT display we've looked at, the 800TFT comes with an integrated Kensington security lock. The small locking hole is something you might be more accustomed to see on a notebook. Since the locking hole is positioned on the rear of the display panel it remains out of the way, and for the most part out of sight for relatively subtle security.

Apart from the space in the rear of the stand for a USB hub, one of the cooler features of the 800TFT, or for that matter most versatile flatscreens is the ability to completely remove the stand for wall mounting. Four screws hold the stand onto the panel.

Leading into the panel are the DC power source, Analog video input (15-pin D-Sub) and Sun 13W3 connector we mentioned before. The Sun 13W3 connector sets the 800TFT apart from most anything else by enabling high-end Sun and SGI system users to adopt a flatpanel display without the need for any adapters.

The all important Front Bezel:

The front bezel is where the main controls for the monitor are located. Ideally the most frequently used buttons are right up front. With displays these days having many, many user definable options and adjustments, including a button for every possible setting on the bezel is just not feasible.

On the front of the 800TFT are the power, contrast, brightness, exit, A/B and auto adjustment keys. The auto adjustment key being the most important. Depressing this button will trigger the display to adjust itself to the perfect settings. These settings can be adjusted by hand if necessary, but the auto key is really a time saver. Most LCD flatscreens have this key up front and center, and some CRT's are even starting to follow suit.

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