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Samsung SyncMaster 800TFT 18.1inch LCD Display
Samsung SyncMaster 800TFT 18.1inch LCD Display - PCSTATS
Just like the world of high-end CRT's, there is a world of high-end TFT displays designed with the professional in mind.
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Evaluating the 800TFT display

Brightness: The brightness of 800TFT is a bit lower than other models we've look at numerically speaking. From our perspective, it is difficult to see any perceptible difference between a brightness or luminance of 200cd/m2 and 170cd/m2. The 800TFT sits at the latter. Contrast is quite good, and with a ratio of 220:1, the display is not dull or monotone in any way. Generally contrast ratios range from 150:1 to 300:1. With its' 220:1 ratio the 800TFT sits on the higher end of the scale.

Resolution: The dot pitch for this panel is 0.2805mm. That means the every pixel on this display measures 0.2805mm. Thus when the panel is displaying a thin diagonal line, there is less chance for that line to appear stepped, or blocky.

Viewing Angle: In the old days laptop screens used to be notorious for having very narrow viewing angles. While the 800TFT is obviously not a display intended for a notebook, the same kinds of constraints apply. In this case the panel has an incredibly wide viewable angle. 80/80/80/80 is essentially as high as this range can go and means that if your are looking at the display from a very obtuse angle the picture will still be vibrant, and not grayed over by means of optical effects.

Resolutions: 1280x1024 is quite large, and it is important to note the limitations on the video card may not allow it to support the ideal resolution of this display. High quality video cards shouldn't have a problem, but it is always a good idea to double check first. The cost of the 800TFT is high, and being forced to use it at a less than optimal resolution is not really acceptable. Luckily, the price of video cards these days are fairly low, and newer and faster adapters will continue to assure that. Running the display at any resolution less than 1280x1024 will cause the image to dither.

Conclusions on the 800TFT

To be blunt, the first impression this LCD display had on us was "it's too big." That impression was amplified when we went into our display properties an reset the screen resolution to 1280x1024! After the first few initial hours of usage we settled in quite nicely to the large display.

While we were unable to test out the display quality of the Sun 13W3 connector, the analog connection seemed perfectly fine to us. The display was quite sharp, and the range of gray scales and colours was more than sufficient to compete with a high-end CRT. LCD's typically display a range of colour gradations which are less than their old tube counterparts, but in most circumstances this will not be obviously.

With the 800TFT's visible area of 18.1" it can easily complete with any 19" CRT, and at only a fraction of the desk space. The extra wide viewing angles were a treat and allowed us to treat the display more along the lines of a CRT, than a LCD. If we had to move off to one side while working, there were no issues the screen becoming unintelligible.

The OSD is easy to operate if adjustments need to be made, but we really preferred to stick with the automatic adjustment key located on the front of the bezel. The analog display connection is still very much in use, and by supporting this legacy device (not to mention the 13W3) the 800TFT assures itself a place in the upgrade path of many a person. Is this display meant for the average user? Not really. Because of the high cost of basically any LCD panel over the 15" mark this display is going to be out of the reach of most people. It is designed to work with high end SGI and Sun boxes, not to mention standard displays. With a resolution of 1289x1024 it is a treat on the eyeballs and one that would make anyone want to work on AutoCAD or Maya all day long.

We would have liked to have seen more vertical adjustments in the base of the display, and obviously a lower price tag - but its' picture will not disappoint.

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