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Gigabyte GN-B49G 802.11g Wireless Router Review
Gigabyte GN-B49G 802.11g Wireless Router Review  - PCSTATS
the Gigabyte GN-B49GU is a lot more than just a home Internet sharing device. It contains a multitude of extra features that would appear to be of considerable use in a SOHO environment.
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External Mfg. Website: Gigabyte Mar 19 2004   M. Dowler  
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Wireless Security systems and control

Security in the GN-B49GU is governed by a screen of check boxes which enable and disable various settings. Unfortunately, the language used to describe these settings is confusing at best. In this area more than any other, we were left unsure as to what each function actually did. The manual was no help either, unfortunately.

We got in touch with Gigabyte, informed them of our difficulties and they gave us the information we needed:

The 'setting of stealth mode' function is straightforward, stopping systems outside the network from pinging the router successfully and hiding exposed ports.

The 'access of a set screen of this machine from the WAN side is prohibited' checkbox is also straightforward, cutting off access to the router's console from the Internet.

'The access by private Internet Protocol address is interactively prohibited' restricts private IP addresses (192.168.x.x etc.) from passing through the WAN side of the connection into the routers network. This is not a situation that would come up unless you were using the router to separate private networks.

'The remote Net BIOS/file sharing/printer sharing/PC access is interactively prohibited' disables file and printer sharing from outside the router's network by stopping the related protocols from passing through the router.

'The attack detection is done'; when this is checked, the router will watch for denial of service attacks (floods of identical traffic from a single source) and cut them off, and will also log the attack.

'The access from G-IP to P-IP is prohibited inside LAN' this one was a mystery to us at first. Turns out that this is a part of the router's support for having multiple global IP (legitimate internet) addresses inside the network. Some ISPs in Japan and a few other places provide this ability. The security feature prevents the global IP computers from communicating with the private IP computers within the network, a safeguard in case the global IP systems are compromised from the Internet.

Stateful packet inspection can also be enabled on the GN-B49GU. By definition, this means that the firewall examines incoming and outgoing packets in comparison to previous network traffic as well as a static list of rules. This type of firewall can catch things like the flooding of identical traffic (denial of service attacks) and Trojan horses sending data out from inside the network.

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