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Gigabyte GN-B49G 802.11g Wireless Router Review
Gigabyte GN-B49G 802.11g Wireless Router Review  - PCSTATS
the Gigabyte GN-B49GU is a lot more than just a home Internet sharing device. It contains a multitude of extra features that would appear to be of considerable use in a SOHO environment.
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External Mfg. Website: Gigabyte Mar 19 2004   M. Dowler  
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URL Blocking and Further Controls

Used as a basic home Internet sharing device, the Gigabyte GN-B49GU functions very well, with adequate bandwidth and reception over a quite decent range. Let's take a look at some of the extra features that Gigabyte's router brings to the table:

The majority of home routers we have looked at are obviously intended more as Internet sharing devices than as actual routers. While it may be theoretically possible to use them for routing purposes other than connecting the Internet to your home PCs, it is seldom practical due to the lack of needed information such as routing tables, and little configurability. The Gigabyte GN-B49GU has no such flaws, and can be considered an actual router, not a neutered 'Internet sharing' device.

For starters, you can easily set the WAN connection of the GN-B49GU to a static IP address of your choosing, allowing connection to any network you wish. Most home routers can accomplish this. Where it gets clever is that the GN-B49GU allows you to set static routes to direct data traffic to networks more than one connection away, in addition to using RIP (Routing Information Protocol) to learn about available networks.

What this means, is that instead of being restricted to channeling data between you and your ISP, Gigabyte's router can actually be used internally in a small to medium sized network to separate various subnets.

NAT (Network Address Translation, the mechanism used to allow PCs connected to the router to access the Internet) can be turned off, as you would want it to be for this role, and the ability to set static firewall rules to admit or restrict certain types of data is the icing on the cake.

This is a very cool feature set for a 'home' device.

The built in URL blocking feature worked fairly well and was easy to use. It allows you to block specific addresses, or by a keyword like 'naughty.' As a test we blocked out the keyword 'NBA.'

As you would expect, we were unable to access either the NBA site or any NBA team sites, and the basketball section of the major sports websites were off limits to us as well. We could sneak in the back door with the sports sections of some newspaper sites, since the blocking applies only to the URL (address line) and not the contents of the site. A great feature for parents or concerned owners.

The VPN pass through function of the Gigabyte GN-B49GU worked well, as we experienced no problem in configuring PPTP and L2TP Virtual private networks to pass through the router's firewall. Simply entering the internal IP address of the computer to receive VPN traffic on the router and entering the router's address on the external computer sufficed.

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 Pg 1.  Gigabyte GN-B49G 802.11g Wireless Router Review
 Pg 2.  Advanced Networking Features
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 Pg 5.  Wireless Security systems and control
 Pg 6.  — URL Blocking and Further Controls
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