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MSI Titanium Videocard Lineup Review

MSI Titanium Videocard Lineup Review - PCSTATS
Abstract: In this GeForce Titanium lineup review, we're going to look at three new models from MSI.
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External Mfg. Website: MSI Jan 07 2002   C. Sun  
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Anti-Aliasing with RTCW

Return to Castle Wolfenstein Source: ID Software

With all the power these cards have, a gamer, even a causal one should want dab in antialiasing (AA). To conserve time, we only benched Return to Castle Wolfenstein at a resolution of 1024x768 pixels as this is the most common resolution currently. Let's see how the MSI Titanium Lineup and reference video cards handle a little AA action which usually kills fast frame rates.

RTCW (1024x768 2xAA atdemo6) Benchmark Results
Video Card (FPS) Ranking
1. GeForce2 Pro 36.9
2. GeForce3 47.0
3. Radeon 8500 52.2
4. GeForce2 Ti 37.4
5. GeForce3 Ti200 44.3
6. GeForce3 Ti500 49.2
Overclocking Benchmark Results
4a. GeForce2 Ti (285/485) 39.8
5a. GeForce3 Ti200 (195/530) 47.5
6a. GeForce3 Ti500 (270/610) 52.6

RTCW (1024x768 2xAA atdemo8) Benchmark Results
Video Card (FPS) Ranking
1. GeForce2 Pro 65.6
2. GeForce3 87.9
3. Radeon 8500 77.5
4. GeForce2 Ti 66.9
5. GeForce3 Ti200 83.6
6. GeForce3 Ti500 88.0
Overclocking Benchmark Results
4a. GeForce2 Ti (285/485) 74.2
5a. GeForce3 Ti200 (195/530) 86.7
6a. GeForce3 Ti500 (270/610) 91.6

The MSI GeForce 3, GeForce 3Ti200 and GeForce 3 Ti500 are all within close range of one another. The Radeon 8500 falls behind the Titanium Lineup, but leads over the older GeForce 2Ti. All in all we can see the GF3Ti500 performing the best overall. When we jumped to 4X AA the lead which the Radeon 8500 had enjoyed over the other GF2 cards begins to falter, while the GF3Ti cards still remain very good performers.

RTCW (1024x768 4xAA atdemo6) Benchmark Results
Video Card (FPS) Ranking
1. GeForce2 Pro 23.2
2. GeForce3 41.1
3. Radeon 8500 29.5
4. GeForce2 Ti 24.7
5. GeForce3 Ti200 39.9
6. GeForce3 Ti500 43.9
Overclocking Benchmark Results
4a. GeForce2 Ti (285/485) 28.5
5a. GeForce3 Ti200 (195/530) 42.8
6a. GeForce3 Ti500 (270/610) 45.9

RTCW (1024x768 4xAA atdemo8) Benchmark Results
Video Card (FPS) Ranking
1. GeForce2 Pro 40.5
2. GeForce3 55.4
3. Radeon 8500 44.3
4. GeForce2 Ti 41.4
5. GeForce3 Ti200 51.2
6. GeForce3 Ti500 59.0
Overclocking Benchmark Results
4a. GeForce2 Ti (285/485) 43.5
5a. GeForce3 Ti200 (195/530) 56.8
6a. GeForce3 Ti500 (270/610) 63.5

Return to Castle Wolfenstein is more taxing on a system then Quake III Arena is, and underlines why we have moved from QIII benchmarks to RTCW only - yes QIII has officially been retired as benchmark. Even though the frame rates with Antialiasing are relatively low, they are still quite playable for the most part. With 2x antialiasing and a GeForce 3 play quality, both visual and framerate, are acceptable. However even with all the power that the mighty MSI Ti500 has, 4x AA should basically be ruled out. It's just way too slow for this type of gameplay.

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Contents of Article: MSI Titanium
 Pg 1.  MSI Titanium Videocard Lineup Review
 Pg 2.  The Mac Daddy of them all...
 Pg 3.  Test System Specs, Benchmarks
 Pg 4.  Game Benchmarks: DroneZ, RTCW
 Pg 5.  — Anti-Aliasing with RTCW
 Pg 6.  Final Words on MSI's Titanium Lineup

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