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Fastest Webmaster - 3DMark2001 Tweak Guide
Fastest Webmaster - 3DMark2001 Tweak Guide - PCSTATS
In a way 3DMark 2001 is a "geeks drag race" to see who's computer is the fastest, leanest, and meanest! =)
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External Mfg. Website: Madonion Jan 24 2002   C. Sun  
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Fastest Webmaster - 3DMark2001 Tweak Guide

3DMark Tweak Guides

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The 3DMark Benchmarks from MadOnion have always been quite popular. While we all know the reasons for using 3DMark2001 as a benchmark, and stress test for any system, the best part is the ability to upload and compare your benchmarks against other people's systems. In a way it's a "geeks drag race" to see who's computer is the fastest, leanest, and meanest ! =)

While it doesn't really mean much in the grand scheme of things (heck neither does car racing) MadOnion was kind enough to have a "Fastest Webmasters Competition ". This is nothing big, just bragging rights for webmasters, and since yours truly is on top, I figured I might as well share some of the tips that have kept me kicking everyone else's butts for the last few months!

Damn, these guys are catching up with their Pentium 4's at 2.6 and 2.8 GHz, but my Athlon XP is still unbeatable! However it takes more then a fast chip. To get to up this high it takes a lot of time and effort and tweaking the components inside the computer to their max. So let's begin;

Tweaking 101 for 3DMark 2001
Professor: Colin Sun
Institution: PCstats.com

tweaking 101 system specs:

computer hardware:

processor: athlonxp 1900+ unlocked
motherboard: epox 8kha+
chipset: via kt266a

asus v8200ti500 pure

network card:

not used


256 mb corsair xms pc2400

hard drive: 30 gb ibm deskstar 75 gxp
cdrom: panasonic cr-594-b 48x cd-rom

panasonic 1.44 mb floppy

heatsink: dragon orb 3
powersupply: enermax 550 watt

software setup:

windows 98se
via 4in1 4.37
detonatorxp 22.80

colin's Tip #1: From personal experience, I find Windows 98 SE a faster gaming OS then Windows 2000 or Windows XP (Windows ME doesn't even count here).

Here's the score the system gets with a freshly installed version of Windows 98 and drivers, with no tweaks whatsoever.

A score of 8200+ to begin with, can be had with no tweaking whatsoever and that's not too bad!


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