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AMD Athlon64 3200+ 32/64-bit Processor Review

AMD Athlon64 3200+ 32/64-bit Processor Review  - PCSTATS
Abstract: Tired of being an "Intel clone," AMD's goal became to set market trends, instead of just following the lead of chipzilla.
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External Mfg. Website: AMD Sep 23 2003   Colin Sun  
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Benchmarks: UT2003, Conclusions

Unreal Tournament 2003

Source: Epic

Unreal Tournament 2003 is the sequel to 1999's multiple 'Game of the Year' award winner. It uses the very latest Unreal Engine technology - where graphics, sound and game play are taken beyond the bleeding edge. Unreal Tournament 2003 employs the use of Vertex as well as Pixel Shaders and it's recommended that you use a DirectX 8 videocard to get the most out of the game.

UT2003 Demo 640x480 Flyby
Video Card FPS Ranking
1. Pentium 4 3.2C 247.74
2. AthlonXP 3200+ 244.64

Athlon64 3200+

4. Athlon64 3200+ Oc'ed (2.25 GHz) 323.26

UT2003 Demo 640x460 Botmatch
Video Card FPS Ranking

Pentium 4 3.2C

2. AthlonXP 3200+ 80

Athlon64 3200+

4. Athlon64 3200+ Oc'ed (2.25 GHz) 101.81

There's no question, the Athlon64 3200+ simply owns the competition. Those are the highest UT2003 benchmarks I have ever seen!

Final Conclusions

The (K8) Athlon64 3200+ is a very worthy successor to the great K7 and Athlon name. There's a saying "better late then never" and that really does apply here to the Athlon64. Originally due to be launched this time last year, it would have simply blown away the competition, but, unfortunately AMD ran into manufacturing problems that delayed the launch a full year. Still, as it stands right now, the Athlon 64 clearly outperforms Intel's top of the line processor, the 3.2GHz Pentium 4!

Intel, limping badly from this encounter, is expected to release the Intel Extreme Edition very shortly which can hold itself up in better light to the Athlon64 3200+ and Athlon64 FX51 processors.

In the last few years AMD has proven themselves to be a very innovative company, if they had just followed in Intel's foot steps they could have never reached the top, as they did for most of the Athlon's life. With Microsoft saying that 64 bit computing is the way of the future, the Athlon64 offers end users a much easier upgrade path than that from the Pentium 4. Best of all with AMD's Athlon64, you can run 32 bit software in your 64 bit OS; you won't have to lose your favorite games or applications!

AMD dramatically improved their processor packaging and thermal care. With the IHS, there are no longer any concerns for crushed or cracked cores, and the new HSF retention mechanism is very well designed. It's easy to use yet stronger and more durable than the Pentium 4 retention mechanism. During testing the Athlon64 3200+ system ran very cool (43 degrees celsius according to the temp diode) with the stock HSF, and very quiet.

While it's nice to have a future ready system, the Athlon64 is still a power house in the 32 bit realm as well. As you can see from the benchmarks, it often out-performs the Pentium 4 3.2 GHz and older AthlonXP 3200+ in the 2D world, but it's in 3D where the Athlon64 shines. For example, under a stock configuration the processor was able to push 3DMark 2001SE through the 20322 mark.

It's not just 3DMark that the Athlon64 3200+ excels in; the processor was also very fast in Quake III Arena and it totally blew away the competition in UT2003! While we did not post the numbers along with the other benchmarks, the Athlon64 scored 68.22FPS at 1024x768 in Comanche 4, and 38.89FPS in Gun Metal 2. Even SPECviewperf liked it more than either the Pentium 4 3.2C or AthlonXP 3200+! It should be pretty clear, if you're working on 3D applications, there's nothing faster than the Athlon64 in the desktop market.

The 2.0GHz Athlon64 3200+ retails for about $417 USD, while the 2.2GHz Athlon64 FX51 is priced at $713 USD. Compared to typical Intel prices, it is easy to see that AMD are making a dramatic shift away from the rock bottom prices of old. The new 64-bit Athlon 64 is powerful, and there is no reason why we should expect it to be priced significantly lower than an equivalent Intel processor just because it is made by AMD.... though I'd expect prices to drop a little once the supply of Athlon64's loosens up.

Even under 32-bit applications, we've been very impressed with this new 32-bit/64-bit processor. As WindowsXP gradually migrates to 64-bit, and 64-bit software emerges those who adopted the Athlon64 will find new life, and potentially new performance gains form their processor. For the moment, 32-bit applications are all we can levy on the Athlon64 3200+, and with it priced at the premium, it is going to stay in the hands of the performance enthusiasts, gamers, and early adopters. Faced with a choice between an Intel Pentium 4 processor and an Athlon64 3200+, it's pretty clear our choice would sit with AMD. Let's just hope it's not short lived...

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Contents of Article: AMD Athlon64 3200+
 Pg 1.  AMD Athlon64 3200+ 32/64-bit Processor Review
 Pg 2.  105.9 Million Transistors
 Pg 3.  Understanding SOI
 Pg 4.  The limitations of 32-bit
 Pg 5.  Internal Memory Controller and HyperTransport
 Pg 6.  Chipsets for the Athlon 64 processor
 Pg 7.  VIA K8M800, AMD 8000 chipsets
 Pg 8.  Nvidia Nforce3 Pro150, SIS 755
 Pg 9.  ALI 1687 chipset
 Pg 10.  New Thermal Solutions for the Athlon64
 Pg 11.  Socket 754/940 Heatsink Frame
 Pg 12.  Overclocking, it's all new now
 Pg 13.  System Spec's and Benchmarks
 Pg 14.  Benchmarks: Super Pi, POVRay
 Pg 15.  Benchmarks: ScienceMark2.0, SiSoft Sandra
 Pg 16.  Benchmarks: PCMark 2002, 3DMark2001SE
 Pg 17.  Benchmarks: AquaMark3, Quake III Arena
 Pg 18.  — Benchmarks: UT2003, Conclusions

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