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TwinMOS PC2700 DDR333 RAM Review
TwinMOS PC2700 DDR333 RAM Review - PCSTATS
Looking at the stick of memory got me excited. Rumors around the web are, DIMM's using Winbond "BH-6" DRAM are killer in terms of overclockability.
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External Mfg. Website: Twinmos Sep 05 2002   C. Sun  
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TwinMOS PC2700 DDR333 RAM Review

When DDR first came out, TwinMOS was also one of the first companies to not just offer DDR memory, but DDR333 compatible modules! I know this because we reviewed a stick of it back in July of 2001! No we're not looking at the same stick of RAM, with the recent JEDEC approval of the DDR333/PC2700 memory frequency standard TwinMOS can now officially label their memory DDR333/PC2700.

"So what's the big deal Colin? You've played with a ton of memory in the last little while, what does TwinMOS have to offer?" I have always searched for the "perfect" memory module, the one that will bring me to a new high in terms of performance but so far this magical stick of RAM has eluded me. Will the TwinMOS PC2700 be my saviour?

Looking at the stick of memory got me excited. Rumors around the web are, DIMM's using Winbond "BH-6" DRAM are killer in terms of overclockability. I've seen people on the web with this type of memory claiming 210 MHz and higher FSB's while maintaining the most aggressive memory timings!

We recently looked at a stick of 256MB Kingston PC2700 DDR that used this DRAM and it allowed us to hit an amazing 205 MHz FSB on the Epox 8K3A+ so the hype and expectations were building! =)

The DIMM uses 8x32Mbit Winbond DRAM modules which have a 6 ns rating. That means the theoretical top speed of the DRAM is 166 MHz. By default the DIMM uses the most conservative memory timings available.


We recently moved the AMD test bed from the Epox 8K3A+ to the new Epox 8K5A2+ (both boards use the VIA KT333CE chipset) because we ran into a few problems (the AGP port on the 8K3A+ is wearing out). It's ok, the 8K3A+ served us well. The new Epox 8K5A2+ has all the same overclocking options as the 8K3A+ and from testing we see that it overclock's just as well.

Enough with the background info about the motherboard change, how does the memory fair?!? Hehe... Ok without further adieu here was my overclocking experience.....

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