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Belkin Universal 1000VA UPS Review
Belkin Universal 1000VA UPS Review - PCSTATS
Power surge protection and the quality of electricity supplying a computer are probably the two most overlooked factors which can seriously impact the stability of your PC.
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UPS Testing: Battery Life

In the past we've kept to simply using a standard computer and 19" monitor to evaluate how long an Uninterruptable Power Supply will last under total power failure conditions. Comparing the amount of time the UPS can sustain a PC and monitor vs. the manufacturers listed specs gives everyone a rough idea of what to expect in real world situations.

However, Volt-Amp (VA) ratings tend to be a little obtuse for most of us, and for this review we're also going to measure the UPS' output voltage levels with the unit in a utility over-voltage, and utility under-voltage situation.

For that we'll be making use of a Sencore PR57 Variable Isolation Transformer, Digital Multimeter and a few other apparatuses. During these tests, we'll be looking to see if the UPS output voltage drops below acceptable levels to cause computer instability.

This may seem a little overly elaborate, since most of us trust that a UPS will supply pure sinusoidal 120V AC, but that isn't quite the reality. A UPS' output voltage can vary.

The point of this test is simply to simulate different degrees of a utility power failure. As we have seen first hand in our own office, the utilities can fluctuate by a wide degree, and in the country where "brown-outs" are a common affair, it should be interesting to see how a UPS holds up to a range of AC voltage senario's, while supporting a running PC.

Battery Life Tests

With a standardly equipped Pentium 4 2GHz Computer and 19" CRT monitor plugged into the Belkin Universal 1000VA UPS, we pulled the plug and recorded how long the battery lasted.

Not surprisingly, the 1000VA Belkin Universal UPS lasted essentially as long as another 1000VA reference UPS, the Powerware 5125. That time was, about 23 minutes before the Belkin UPS lost power and the computer shut down. For comparisons sake, we also tested the 500VA Belkin Home Office UPS, which managed just over 4 minutes with the same computer configuration before its battery ran dry.

Battery Life Tests - approx. 300VA load*

UPS Model: VA Rating: Battery Time:
Belkin Universal UPS 1000VA ~23 minutes
Powerware 5125 UPS 1000VA ~23 minutes
Belkin Home Office UPS 500VA ~4 minutes
* Using a Sencore PR57 Variable Isolation Transformer we were able to measure the current load of the connected test system which was comprised of a 19" CRT monitor, and typically outfitted Pentium 4 2.0 GHz computer. By using the formula V (x) A = VA we were able to calculate the total system power load, which in this case was approximately 300VA.

The key point to take away is that VA ratings and time are not a 1:1 relationship. Just because a 1000VA UPS kept the test system running for 23 minutes does not mean a 500VA UPS should keep that same system running for half the time.

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