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Beginners Guides: Synchronizing Files and Folders
Beginners Guides: Synchronizing Files and Folders  - PCSTATS
In this article we will explain the process of file synchronization and show you the two major methods of synchronization within Windows XP.
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External Mfg. Website: PCSTATS Sep 21 2004   M. Dowler  
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To use the WinXP Briefcase

Create a new briefcase on the desktop by right clicking on an empty area and selecting 'new\briefcase.'

Now locate any files you wish to add to the briefcase and drag them onto the briefcase icon. This will create copies of the files in your briefcase. Double click the briefcase icon.

Note the files you have added. The 'sync copy in' column shows where the original copy of the file is stored, and the 'status' column shows its current state (up-to-date, unchanged in briefcase, needs updating or orphaned).

Drag and drop the briefcase to some kind of removable media like a floppy disk or USB memory key. You can also open a network share on another system and copy the briefcase over the network.

Transport the briefcase to another system and double click the icon to open it and work on files inside it. Note that you should not move the files out of the briefcase onto another computer, as this will remove the link to the original file. Instead, open the files within the briefcase folder in order to edit them. If you are working on a floppy drive, you can drag and drop the briefcase onto the new computer's desktop to get better performance.

Now transport the briefcase back to the original computer and open it. Note that the 'status' of any files that you edited has been changed to 'needs updating.' Select 'update all items' from the 'briefcase tasks' section on the left.

A window will open illustrating the changes that will be made. Confirm the changes and click 'update' to carry out the operation. All the original files will be updated with the changes you made on your other system.

If the original (parent) file connected to a file in your briefcase is deleted, the briefcase file will become an 'orphan.' Orphaned files exist only on the briefcase. You can orphan a file manually by right clicking it within the briefcase folder and hitting 'properties' then going to the 'update status' tab and clicking 'split from original.' This will break the link between the file in your briefcase and its parent file. You can also orphan a file by moving it out of the briefcase. In this situation, the file will simply become an ordinary document with no links to its parent file.

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