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Asus eXtreme EAX600XT Videocard Review
Asus eXtreme EAX600XT Videocard Review - PCSTATS
The card is based on the ATI Radeon X600XT graphics processor, which allows it to bridge the gap between PC and home entertainment with a little thing we like to call 'HDTV.'
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External Mfg. Website: ASUS Nov 22 2004   C. Sun  
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Benchmarks: Doom 3

Doom 3

Source: id Software

Doom 3 is the most advanced OpenGL game to date, it takes advantage of the latest videocard technology and pushes the processing power of the CPU to its absolute limits. At its highest setting Ultra quality, texture sizes pass the 500MB mark which means even tomorrows videocards will have a hard time running everything. The framerates in the game itself are locked at 60 fps so anything above that point is wasted. Each test is run three times and with the third run being recorded.

Doom 3 - LQ 640x480
Video Card FPS Ranking
Albatron Trinity PC5900 60.4
Asus eXtreme EAX600XT 61.1
Asus eXtreme EAX600XT (610/420) 62.7

Doom 3 - LQ 1024x768
Video Card FPS Ranking
Albatron Trinity PC5900 37.4
Asus eXtreme EAX600XT 29.5
Asus eXtreme EAX600XT (610/420)


Doom 3 - HQ 1024x768
Video Card FPS Ranking
Albatron Trinity PC5900 30.7
Asus eXtreme EAX600XT 27.2
Asus eXtreme EAX600XT (610/420)


Doom 3 - HQ 1600x1200
Video Card FPS Ranking
Albatron Trinity PC5900 16.4
Asus eXtreme EAX600XT 12.3
Asus eXtreme EAX600XT (610/420) 13.5

I'm very surprised to see the Asus eXtreme EAX600XT beat the Albatron Trinity PC5900 videocard at 640x480 with low quality settings! When the resolution is turned up and LoD increased, both cards start to slow down severely.

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