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Asus EN6600GT Silencer Videocard Review
Asus EN6600GT Silencer Videocard Review - PCSTATS
Asus EN6600GT Silencer offers users an excellent mix of performance from its GeForce 6600GT core and silent operation thanks to its passive heatpipe cooler.
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External Mfg. Website: ASUS Oct 12 2005   C. Sun  
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The Impressive Cooler

The workmanship of the Asus SilentCool heatsink is top notch, although there are a few sharp corners that Asus missed so be careful when handling the videocard. First the setup is a dual slot cooling solution, (the silver Asus emblem extends down past the first expansion slot) but then again you probably would not want to fit something under the card anyway.

As you can see the front of the EN6600GT/Silencer/HTD/256M/A videocard is a large one piece aluminum heatsink which comes in contact with the heatpipe, as well as videocard memory. On the back, we find two small aluminum heatsinks on top of the memory on the back.

Easily the neatest feature of the heatpipe cooler is its ability to rotate 90 degrees from a vertical to horizontal position. This allows users to position the heatpipe radiator in a spot where it can take advantage of system airflow. The heatpipe is quite heavy so you better take care when installing the videocard into your computer.

The core first comes in contact with a copper heatspreader which then transfers the heat to the heatpipe. The heatpipe then draws the heat away from the core and moves it towards the large 52 fin copper radiator. The SilentCool cooling solution found on the Asus EN6600GT/Silencer/HTD/256M/A is designed to work with system airflow alone. When the copper radiator is perpendicular to the videocard, it is designed to work with the CPU fan, sucking air through the fins SilentCool radiator fins first before the air is used to cool the processor.

To test the effectiveness of the Asus SilentCool passive heatsink, the radiator was set in its vertical position which uses the CPU fan to help draw through the fins. An 80mm Sunon fan (~35 CFM) was pointed in its general direction and temperatures of the copper radiator fins were 42 degrees Celsius according to a Fluke 54-II digital thermometer. Core temps hovered near the 60C mark according to RivaTuner.

Curious to see how the Asus EN6600GT/Silencer/HTD/256M/A would handle minimal airflow, the Sunon case fan was disconnected and the temperature readings on the Fluke digital thermometer started to rise. Heatsink fin temperature reached a high of 60.3C, while the GeForce 6600GT core hit a maximum temperature of 82.7C. Both temperatures were on the high side but within acceptable operating ranges. It is nice to see that the Asus videocard would not suffer a catastrophic failure should the airflow stop for whatever reason.

Bundled software and video enhancements

Asus has a history of bundling loads of custom software with its videocards and the EN6600GT/Silencer/HTD/256M/A is no different. The package comes with a whole lot of custom software; titles such as Asus's Splendid Video enhancing technology, GameLiveShow, GameReplay, GameFace Messenger and OnScreenDisplay.

Splendid video enhancing technology automatically adjusts the image on the screen to be the most vibrant, be it looking at pictures or watching videos. Splendid has four settings: Enriched, Vivid Color, Theatre and Crystal Clear. The Enriched setting is for every day computing and it designed to make things easier on the eyes. Vivid Color enhances the hue and saturation of pictures which make them more lively. Theatre is designed to enhance a movie watching experience by softening up the contrast. Lastly, Crystal Clear is designed to enhance the contrast of darker pictures to show more details.

GameLiveShow allows users to stream live gaming online to others, this can be helpful for scouting clan matches of online games. Of course having a live video connection can eat up a lot of bandwidth so only those with very fast connections should really consider utilizing this feature. GameReplay saves games in MPG4 video files and allow users to review and watch movies of prerecorded games. This can be a very useful teaching or scouting tool for gamers or for posting your own "pwn video" for your friends to marvel over. ;-) GameFace Messenger allows users to communicate to each other during games via voice and webcam. We tested this feature back when we reviewed the Asus V9999 Gamer Edition videocard and as you can see, it works quite well. Finally OnScreenDisplay, allows users to adjust screen settings without having to exit the game.

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