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Beginners Guides: Downgrading Windows Vista Back To Windows XP
Beginners Guides: Downgrading Windows Vista Back To Windows XP - PCSTATS
Want to get rid of Windows Vista? Discovered that none of the software (and even some hardware) you've been using for years is compatible? You're not alone... PCSTATS guides you down the path to getting your old programs working once again by downgrading Vista back to good old Windows XP.
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External Mfg. Website: PCSTATS Aug 16 2010   M. Dowler  
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Preparations - Backing up E-mail and Contacts Con't

Once we have Windows XP installed, it's not difficult to open Outlook Express and drag and drop the email messages into the application. If you use custom folders for your email, you will have to recreate those in Outlook Express first though.

If you intend to use Windows Mail for XP, ignore the above instructions. What you'll need to do is first go to 'file/export' in Vista's Windows Mail, then choose to export to 'Microsoft Windows Live Mail' format. Pick a location for the exported files on a USB drive or separate drive letter as instructed above. Once Windows XP and Windows Live Mail for XP are installed, just open the file menu, click 'import' and follow the instructions. Not a problem!

To back up contact information we'll use the contact application built into Vista which conveniently centralizes all contact details into one location. To export contacts and addresses, open the Vista start menu, go to 'all programs' then 'Windows contacts'.Click 'export' on the toolbar and choose the .CSV (Comma Separated Values) format. Click 'export' then choose a location for the file that will represent your contact data set.

As with your email backup, this should be saved onto a separate logical hard drive or removable media like a USB flash drive.

If you can't see the 'Export' option on the toolbar don't worry. On half the systems PCSTATS tested, the option wasn't visible because Windows Vista thought this folder was for some other kind of data, like music, photos or video files. To correct this so we can export your contacts, hit the "Alt" button to reveal the file menu, then go to View > "Customize This Folder."

Under the "Customize" tab change the option for "What kind of folder do you want" from whatever it is currently set to, to "Contacts". Click "apply" and "OK". After that is done you will see all your contacts details listed, and export / import options located along the far right of the menu bar (just above the red arrow in the image below).

Once you have Windows XP installed, open up Outlook Express and go to 'file/import'. Choose 'other address book' then ensure that the 'file type' drop down box is set to '.csv'. Browse to the location of your backed up address book, select it and hit 'ok' to import your contact details and email addresses.

We're just about ready to begin, but before we guide you through the process of wiping any trace of Windows Vista from you're PC there is still one more very important step to take.

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Contents of Article: PCSTATS
 Pg 1.  Beginners Guides: Downgrading Windows Vista Back To Windows XP
 Pg 2.  — Preparations - Backing up E-mail and Contacts Con't
 Pg 3.  Preparations - Backing up Data and Files
 Pg 4.  Preparations - Locating Drivers
 Pg 5.  Downgrade Situation #1: Reverting to Windows XP after Upgrading XP to Vista
 Pg 6.  Downgrade Situation #2: Downgrading a new Windows Vista PC to Windows XP
 Pg 7.  Situation #2 Continued: Installing Windows XP on a new Windows Vista PC
 Pg 8.  The Real Reason to Own Windows Vista Business or Ultimate Edition

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