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Beginners Guides: Downgrading Windows Vista Back To Windows XP
Beginners Guides: Downgrading Windows Vista Back To Windows XP - PCSTATS
Want to get rid of Windows Vista? Discovered that none of the software (and even some hardware) you've been using for years is compatible? You're not alone... PCSTATS guides you down the path to getting your old programs working once again by downgrading Vista back to good old Windows XP.
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External Mfg. Website: PCSTATS Aug 16 2010   M. Dowler  
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Preparations - Locating Drivers

Graphics Drivers:Videocard drivers are only necessary if your computer has a separate add-on videocard. The easiest way to tell if you meet this requirement is to look at the plugs on the back of the computer. If the monitor connection is up near the top of the computer, clustered with all the keyboard and mouse connectors, then you can skip this, as your videocard is built into the computer's motherboard and the chipset drivers will suffice.

If the monitor connector is down near the mid-point of the back of the computer, and is possibly grouped with a couple of other monitor and TV-out connectors, then you have an add-on videocard. For separate graphics cards you'll need to open up your computer and find the make and model of the videocard.

In the example above we have a Gigabyte GV-NX85T256H videocard pictured, but as there are generally only a handful of GPU manufacturers finding the right drivers is much simpler. You can often skip the manufacturers website and head right to nVidia.com, ATI.com or SIS.com to locate the appropriate Windows XP drivers for that generation of videocard GPU.

Wireless cards, sound cards and other add-ons:You will also need to obtain Windows XP drivers for any other add-on peripherals the computer may have, such as wireless networking cards and add-on sound cards. You can tell if you have these by opening the computer and seeing if any of the PCI or PCI-express ports are populated with expansion cards.

Next in the guide, changing a PC you've recently upgraded from Windows XP to Vista, back to XP.

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Contents of Article: PCSTATS
 Pg 1.  Beginners Guides: Downgrading Windows Vista Back To Windows XP
 Pg 2.  Preparations - Backing up E-mail and Contacts Con't
 Pg 3.  Preparations - Backing up Data and Files
 Pg 4.  — Preparations - Locating Drivers
 Pg 5.  Downgrade Situation #1: Reverting to Windows XP after Upgrading XP to Vista
 Pg 6.  Downgrade Situation #2: Downgrading a new Windows Vista PC to Windows XP
 Pg 7.  Situation #2 Continued: Installing Windows XP on a new Windows Vista PC
 Pg 8.  The Real Reason to Own Windows Vista Business or Ultimate Edition

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