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Beginners Guide: How To Install/Remove AMD Socket FM1 CPU and Heatsink
Beginners Guide: How To Install/Remove AMD Socket FM1 CPU and Heatsink - PCSTATS
We thought we'd run off a quick DIY Guide illustrating the procedure for installing a socket FM1 AMD processor for the benefit of our readers. If you are planning on building a AMD based computer anytime soon, bookmark this PCSTATS Guide now.
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Inserting the socket FM1 CPU Correctly

Holding the processor by its sides, orient the chip so its small gold triangle faces the small alignment triangle molded into the top of the FM1 socket. In some cases a triangle will be silk screened onto the PCB just outside of the socket as well. Lower the processor gently and vertically down into the socket, ensuring that its pins mate with the socket without any resistance. The CPU should literally drop into the socket.

The AMD processor should sit flat in the FM1 socket, with the little gold triangle pointing towards a similar alignment mark in the socket. If the CPU is not flush in the socket, or refuses to seat properly, remove the chip and check the orientation once more.

Press the processor down to ensure it is sitting flush in the socket.

Step 3: Lock the processor in position by closing the metal socket cam lever arm. It must be closed completely. In the image below the arm is not completely closed (a common mistake novice computer users make).

Push the metal lever down until it 'clicks' into position. Now it is fully closed.

Your processor is now correctly installed in a socket FM1 motherboard and ready for the next step, installing the CPU heatsink. Before you can do this though, you may need to install the motherboard into your computer case. If you need any help on this topic, see this PCSTATS Guide on that subject.

Now it's time to install the heatsink, this isn't complicated but can be a little tricky in the confines of a cramped computer case. PCSTATS will be focusing on an AMD reference heatsink for this part of the DIY Guide.

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Contents of Article: AMD A8-3850
 Pg 1.  Beginners Guide: How To Install/Remove AMD Socket FM1 CPU and Heatsink
 Pg 2.  Installing an FM1 Processor Safely
 Pg 3.  — Inserting the socket FM1 CPU Correctly
 Pg 4.  Installing the Socket FM1 Heatsink
 Pg 5.  Connecting the Heatsink Fan Power Cable
 Pg 6.  Uninstalling Socket FM1 Heatsinks and Processors Safely
 Pg 7.  Cleaning Thermal Compound

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