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Quantum Fireball CX 13 GB HDD Review
Quantum Fireball CX 13 GB HDD Review - PCSTATS
Many moons have passed since the initial release of hard disk drives that have come with the ATA/66 feature. We folks here in India have just recently felt the presence of ATA/66 drives on the market. This market of ATA/66 drives in India is predominately owned by hard drive manufacturers such as Seagate, Samsung, IBM, and of course Quantum
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External Mfg. Website: Quantum Apr 12 2002   P. Masrani  
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Spec's and Test Setup


Reviewed here is the Quantum Fireball CX 13.0GB. Yes, it is ATA/66 compliant. Furthermore here is a list of features exhibited by the Fireball CX.

- 13.0 GB capacity (2 disks, 4 heads)
- Low profile, 1-inch height
- Average seek time of 9.5ms
- Rotational latency of 5.59ms
- 241.9MB/sec maximum internal transfer rate
- 512KB buffer with 418KB Advance Cache Management (ACM)
- Quadruple burst ECC and double burst ECC on the fly
- 625,000 hours MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure)
- S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) enabled
- Shock Protection System (SPS) to reduce handling induced failures
- Data Protection System (DPS) to verify drive integrity
- Downloadable firmware
- 4" x 1" x 5.75"
- 5,215 Mbits/sq.in. maximum effective areal density

Test Setup

In order to put the Quantum CX 13.0GB to the test, the following hardware/software platform was used.

- Celeron 400MHz CPU (66MHz FSB)
- Azza PT-810DMC Motherboard (810 chipset with in-built ATA/66 support)
- 96MB 100MHz SDRAM (CAS-2)
- 40-pin, 80-conduction ATA/66 compliant cable

- Ziff Davis Winbench 99 version 1.1 under Windows NT 4.0 / Windows 98
- Adaptec's Threadmark 2.0 under Windows NT 4.0 / Windows 98
- SiSoft Sandra 99 under Windows 98

- Lots of time!

Ziff Davis Winbench 99 was used to test the disk subsystem performance of the Quantum Fireball CX. Under this, 2 tests were used that belong to this suite. The Business Disk Winmark and the High-end Disk Winmark. To begin with, the Business Disk Winmark test hard drive subsystem performance under common business applications such as wword processing spreadsheet, databases, etc.

The High-end Disk Winmark benchmarks a drive through a given series of tests under applications such as the likes of Microsoft's Frontpage, Adobe Premiere and Visual C++ among others. Let us get on to the numbers. Adaptec's Threadmark 2.0 measures multithreaded disk I/O performance under Windows NT and Windows 95. Threadmark also computes the CPU overhead required to perform these disk data transfers. The significance of CPU overhead indicates how much the CPU is involved in the process of transferring data. A lower number is better since the CPU has more time to handle other processes while the data transfers are occuring.

Test Results

The following tests were run 3 times each for the Business Disk Winmark and the High-end Business Disk Winmark. The average of the 3 test runs are given here. All numbers under Ziff Davis' Winbench are given in KB/sec. Adaptec's Threadmark 2.0 (run 3 times as well) figures are given in MB/sec. CPU utilization numbers are as shown.

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Contents of Article: Quantum Fireball CX
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 Pg 2.  — Spec's and Test Setup
 Pg 3.  More Benchmarks
 Pg 4.  Quantum's DPS Technology
 Pg 5.  SPS Tech and Conclusion

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