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Quantum Fireball CX 13 GB HDD Review
Quantum Fireball CX 13 GB HDD Review - PCSTATS
Many moons have passed since the initial release of hard disk drives that have come with the ATA/66 feature. We folks here in India have just recently felt the presence of ATA/66 drives on the market. This market of ATA/66 drives in India is predominately owned by hard drive manufacturers such as Seagate, Samsung, IBM, and of course Quantum
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External Mfg. Website: Quantum Apr 12 2002   P. Masrani  
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SPS Tech and Conclusion


SPS is another characteristic developed by Quantum which is employed through later Quantum drives by designing a drive such that certain events of handling the drive can be endured without incurring any damage.

Damage can be caused to a drive by dropping it, tapping it with a hand tool and by clicking two drives together. As the level of shock is absorbed by the drive in these instances, a great deal of internal damage can occur although there is no evidence of any external damage. This is because drive internals are extremely sensitive to shock and vibration. Probably one of the most common types of damage to the hard disk is when a "head slap" occurs.

When sufficient amount of shock is applied to the drive, the head physically lifts up from the disk and drops back down which causes the head to actually dig into the surface of the disk creating surface damage. In addition to the damage on that particular area, small particles can be scattered. Though these particles are microscopic, the high-precision nature of hard disk mechanics are sensitive and can be affected by these particles especially if these particles lands on a data area or if it becomes wedged in between the disk and the head.

Quantum's SPS prevents shock-induced damage to a hard disk by designing a hard disk drive so that the head is not allowed to lift off the disk, thereby eliminating (or at least significantly reducing) head-slaps. Rather, the shock would be absorbed by the rest of the drive rather than having particles run amok after a head-slap. The chances for internal disk damage is thereby reduced through SPS implementation.


Here we are at the end of this review. My final thoughts rest in the fact that most present day hard disks are not able to fully exploit the ATA/66. But I certainly cannot discredit Quantum or any hard disk manufacturer for that. I don't mean to sound like a hypocrite (in regards to what I have written earlier) but of course, we are all peeved over the marketing hype created in order for us to purchase ATA/66 compliant drives. In reality we are going to have to wait for drive technology to mature, which may take some time. C'est la vie! Aside from that note, this drive is certainly a good performer (although there are faster drives on the market). It is quiet, quick and does pack in additional features such as SPS and DPS. From my previous experience with Quantum drives, they have been quite reliable. I expect the tradition to continue...

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