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Visiontek GeForce 3 Review
Visiontek GeForce 3 Review - PCSTATS
With it's huge reputation preceding it already, I was really looking forward to what I could 'persuade' this little green card to do for me...
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External Mfg. Website: VisionTek Jun 15 2001   C. Sun  
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Well it's obvious that a GeForce 3 is a GeForce 3. If there's one thing we've learned from the past it's that almost all nVidia cards (from the GeForce 256 to the GeForce 3) with the same GPU perform nearly identical to each other. The only thing that differentiates one card from another are basically the extra's which are included and not the performance.

The audience VisionTek is aiming for with their card are the ones who are only interested in performance. With everything else being secondary the VisionTek GeForce 3 delivers, and delivers really well. If you're one of these people, then this card IS the one for you. If you're more of a casual gamer though, or have a GeForce 2 class card already, it might be better for you to tough it out for a while. Wait until the fan and get the NV25 a.k.a GeForce 3 Ultra, Radeon 2 or maybe Kyro 3 when the DX8 games start to be released en masse!

A look to the games secion on nVidia's site points to a bunch of games in the works, some of which look really amazing, that designed specifically with the Geforce 3 in mind. For instance; Inevitable Evolution, X-Isle: Dinosaur Island, Crazy Car Championship, 4x4 Evolution, Aquanox, Ballistics, Dronez, Everglade Rush, Incoming Forces, Independence War 2, Neverwinter Nights, and Silicon Dreams Soccer.

Independence War 2 Dronez Incoming Forces Ballistics
Inevitable Evolution Neverwinter Nights Silicon Dreams Soccer X-Isle: Dinosaur Island
Crazy Car Championship Everglade Rush 4x4 Evolution Aquanox

Since these games are not yet quite available, the true abilities of this Geforce 3 will have to lie in wait for just a little while longer. Hopefully by that time the price for the Visiontek Geforce 3 will have dropped to a more affordable level. That said, even the demo's of Aquanox and X-Isle are amazingly impressive so it's going to be a tough wait for sure!

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Contents of Article: VisionTek GeForce 3
 Pg 1.  Visiontek GeForce 3 Review
 Pg 2.  After market cooling solutions
 Pg 3.  Technology of the GeForce 3
 Pg 4.  Lightspeed Memory
 Pg 5.  Anti-Alaising
 Pg 6.  Visiontek GeForce3 Specs
 Pg 7.  3DMark 2001Benchmarks
 Pg 8.  AquaMark Benchmarks
 Pg 9.  Vulpine's GLMark
 Pg 10.  Quake III Arena
 Pg 11.  Quake III Arena HQ with AA
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