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Hitachi CM828 21 inch CRT Monitor Review
Hitachi CM828 21 inch CRT Monitor Review - PCSTATS
The CM828 is higher-end display that sports an even nicer display tube than the very economical CM810.
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Hitachi CM828 21 inch CRT Monitor Review

There can often be a surprising difference in the level of picture quality between to seemingly identical monitors. For instance, the Hitachi CM810 is a value-priced 21" display that for all intensive purposes is just about identical to the CM828 we are looking at now, at least from the outset.

Of course the similarities are only bezel deep. The CM828 is higher-end display that sports an even nicer display tube than the very economical CM810. That's not to say the CM810 is not a good display, as it does have it's fine points - you can read our review of the CM810 here .

Now before we get too far off topic, the Hitachi CM828 we are looking at today is a large screen 21" display based on an Invar shadow mask and housed in a cabinet about the size of what a 19" display would typically use. With the CM828 sitting next to my 19" ADI E66 Microscan it's difficult to tell from the rear, which display should be the larger one. Both units are about the same volume.

On a more down to earth level, the smaller cabinet makes moving the display a bit easier, although it's still quite heavy at 27 kilos.

Hitachi CM828 CRT Display:

  • 21" CRT, Invar shadow mask, black matrix, short persistence phosphors, dark tint anti-reflective coat.
  • Dot pitch of 0.21mm. Horizontal mask pitch of 0.20mm.
  • 2048 x 1536 max resolution
  • Dual 15-pin D-sub analog video inputs.
  • Comes with: 6 foot power cord, 6 foot video cable, drivers, manual.
  • Weight: 27kg
  • Power Consumption: 115W
  • Manufacturer: Hitachi Displays
  • Cost: ~$800 USD
  • The CM828 is one of the growing class of 21" displays that support multiple inputs. With two 15-pin analog connections on the rear this display can be connected to two independent computers. An input select key on the front of the monitor lets you switch from one video input display to another with out having to restart either the display or the computers involved.

    The bezel is fairly clear of buttons, with the majority of features accessible from the OSD. Still, there are a few key button on the front of the display to make navigating through that OSD possible. In addition to the input select key, and the menu key, there are left and right keys, a plus and negative key (which also function as the direct contrast / brightness keys) a monitor status LED and a nice big power button.

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