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Beginners Guides: Ergonomics and Computers
Beginners Guides:  Ergonomics and Computers - PCSTATS
This Beginners Guide aims to provide a guideline for identifying and avoiding situations which could result in the development of a repetitive strain injury while using your computer each day.
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External Mfg. Website: PCSTATS Aug 01 2010   M. Dowler  
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Ergonomic Resources

Negative tilt keyboards: Keyboards with raising legs on the front edge of the keyboard, enabling them to be tilted to provide a more level surface for typing. This reduces problems associated with bending the wrists back while typing, including Carpal Tunnel syndrome. You can easily raise the front of a normal keyboard yourself, but note that a flat keyboard allowing close to no wrist tilt is the ideal, so raising it higher than this may harm more than it helps.

Monitor Arms: Can be used to position monitors independently. Keep in mind that the top of the monitor should be positioned at eye level or lower, and at a comfortable distance to reduce eyestrain.

There are many other types and categories of ergonomic products available, so do a little researching if you need a piece of gear to relieve a particular stress.

Other online resources you may wish to check out include an excellent interactive computer ergonomics primer, a guide to good posture and stretching exercises, and perhaps even an RSI sufferer's story. This website has good list of common repetitive strain injuries and information also.

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 Pg 2.  Common symptoms
 Pg 3.  Other ergonomics tips
 Pg 4.  Ergonomic products can help
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