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CM Storm Quickfire Rapid-i Mechanical Keyboard Review
     Thu, Aug 27 2015 | 12:02P | Peripherals | PermaLink
Posted by: STAFF
CM Storm, the gaming division of legendary manufacturer Cooler Master are back once again with their latest mechanical keyboard. OK I tell a slight lie there, this keyboard isn’t exactly their latest, but it is the first time I’ve been able to get my hand on one for review. We’ve had a lot of fun in the past testing CM Storm products, as they rarely disappoint us thanks to their excellent performance and competitive price tags. The CM Storm Quickfire Rapid-i is a popular choice with a lot of gamers, so I want to see what all the fuss is about. The Quickfire Rapid-i comes in a choice of Cherry MX switches; Blue, Brown and Red. I have the MX Brown switch model at my disposal today. The Rapid-i features a five level, five mode white LED lighting system, ABS grip coating, N-key rollover and more; pretty much everything you would expect from a mechanical gaming keyboard.

ASUS STRIX Tactic Pro Gaming Keyboard Review
     Mon, Aug 24 2015 | 9:03A | Peripherals | PermaLink
Posted by: STAFF
ASUS has been expanding their STRIX gaming line from just graphics cards, now they have keyboards, mice, headsets, and even mousepads. Today we will be taking a look at the STRIX Tactic Pro, which is a very nice mechanical gaming keyboard this is being offered with Cherry MX Black, Blue, Red and Brown switches. Besides just coming with mechanical key switches the keyboard has an astounding 21 macro keys, N-Key rollover over USB, full illumination, multimedia keys, and of course software to control everything. Is this a gaming keyboard you should consider? Read on as we find out!"

CM Storm Octane Mouse & Keyboard Combo Review
     Thu, Aug 20 2015 | 4:00P | Peripherals | PermaLink
Posted by: STAFF
Just 9 months ago we reviewed the budget friendly Cooler Master CM Storm Devastator mouse and keyboard bundle. At a little under £30 it was an absolute bargain for anyone needing a mouse and keyboard for gaming. The Devastator bundle was worthy of our Bang for Buck award and now CM Storm at going to try win us over again with their latest budget bundle, the Octane. The Octane bundle comes with a keyboard and mouse and is price at just under £40 from most major retailers. This is obviously quite a low price, so I’m not expecting these to be the greatest products in the world, but the budget market is fiercely competitive and with Speedlink, Logitech, Gigabyte, iRocks and many others offering reliable gaming keyboards for under £20 and Logitech, Razer, Trust, Gigabyte and even CM themselves all offering mice for under £20, the Octane is entering a very busy part of the market.

Corsair Gaming STRAFE mechanical keyboard review
     Sun, Aug 16 2015 | 12:02P | Peripherals | PermaLink
Posted by: STAFF
Corsair Gaming dismayed long-time fans last year when it dropped its famous sales logo in favour of a tribal tattoo. Following fan outrage however, it has made a comeback on the latest line up of products, like the STRAFE gaming keyboard that we are looking at today. Featuring everyone’s favourite Cherry MX switches, textured key-cap replacements and a refined red key-bed, the STRAFE still sports a high price tag, but comes with many of the bells and whistles of Corsair’s flagship boards.

COUGAR 700K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
     Sat, Aug 15 2015 | 9:03A | Peripherals | PermaLink
Posted by: STAFF
"I would try to phrase this in a nice way, but that just isn't me. I hated this keyboard on day one, day two, and heck, maybe even still at the end of all this. Unfortunately, it's only for one reason – the damn split space bar. Who the hell thought this was a good idea? You never realize how often you might alternate between thumbs for this key press until you use the COUGAR 700K. You also find that you might hit close to the split itself, so when you think you've resolved the problem by making the G6 a space click as well, nope. You will now hit both! Congrats on having the most annoying keyboard to use daily.”

Cougar 600K Gaming Keyboard Review
     Thu, Aug 13 2015 | 4:02P | Peripherals | PermaLink
Posted by: STAFF
Back in December we took a look at Cougar’s flagship gaming keyboard the 700K, which took home our Editor’s Choice Award. We are moving down Cougar’s gaming keyboard product stack and next up is the 600K. The 600K is a small step down from the 700K, but it still features the same aluminum chassis design, mechanical key switches, repeat rate buttons, FPS palm rest and more. The only real big difference between the 600K and 700K is that the 700K has the 6 extra programmable G keys and individual key backlighting. The 600K still makes for a really great keyboard and has a complete feature set that many gamers are going to enjoy. Read on as we take a look…"

Logitech's MX Master and MX Anywhere 2 mice
     Mon, Aug 10 2015 | 12:02P | Peripherals | PermaLink
Posted by: STAFF
Logitech's MX Master and MX Anywhere 2 mice represent the pinnacle of the company's productivity-oriented pointing devices. We spent some hand time with each one to see whether they're truly the overlords of the office.

Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review
     Mon, Aug 10 2015 | 9:03A | Peripherals | PermaLink
Posted by: STAFF
Tesoro are back on eTeknix once again! While we looked at their gorgeous new Lobera Spectrum recently, today we take a look at something a little further up the range, the new Excalibur Spectrum. RGB keyboards are all the rage recently, they’re often still the same keyboard they were last year in terms of performance and features, with the new addition of some funky lighting effects; no bad thing for those who love to customise their setup.

Massdrop Infinity Keyboard
     Sun, Aug 09 2015 | 4:03P | Peripherals | PermaLink
Posted by: STAFF
At the start of this year I had the chance to work with Massdrop to check out their version of the community designed ErgoDox. When doing that review I especially enjoyed building the keyboard myself. So when I saw that Massdrop was developing their own keyboard the Infinity, I had to get my hands on it. Well like most things working out the bugs takes time so while we got a first gen infinity keyboard, we did have a few problems that pushed us back to checking out the second drop’s version. Needless to say this review has been a long time coming, but I’m excited to finally show everyone about my experience with the Infinity from start to finish.

Azio Vision wireless keyboard
     Sat, Aug 08 2015 | 12:02P | Peripherals | PermaLink
Posted by: STAFF
"The Vision keyboard has features that are designed to reduce eyestrain and promote production such as the extra-large print keys. As a further aid, the keyboard has a blue backlight which is adjustable by a wheel located at the upper right corner. In order to conserve battery usage, the backlight goes off after two seconds of non-contact with the keys or palm rest."

Tesoro Lobera Spectrum Keyboard Review
     Wed, Aug 05 2015 | 5:09P | Peripherals | PermaLink
Posted by: STAFF
Tesoro has been releasing so many RGB keyboards since the tail end of last year that it is hard to keep up. Today we are going to be looking at the Lobera Spectrum, which takes a different approach compared to the Excalibur keyboard we last tested.

COUGAR 500k Gaming Keyboard Review
     Wed, Aug 05 2015 | 5:07P | Peripherals | PermaLink
Posted by: STAFF
I've yet to meet a gamer who wouldn't want to have the best gaming gear available in the market but let’s face it not everyone can afford (or wants) to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars/euros on a not so "important" hobby (especially nowadays). Because of that consumers naturally turn towards lower cost peripherals which can offer similar gaming experience but at a fraction of the price. Of course some "aspects" do take a hit and most noticeably the number of features (followed by build quality) but as of late there are some manufacturers in the market doing their best to fill that gap. COUGAR started offering their very own gaming peripherals not too long ago and aside the top of the line 700k gaming keyboard and 700k gaming mouse (two peripherals aimed towards serious gamers) they also offer more "balanced" solutions like the 500k gaming keyboard which we have here with us today.

Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum Keyboard Review
     Mon, Aug 03 2015 | 9:00A | Peripherals | PermaLink
Posted by: STAFF
Many enthusiasts probably haven’t heard of Tesoro Technology, which is perhaps understandable, since the company is so secretive their web page doesn’t even have an “About Us” section. Apparently based in Milpitas, California, Tesoro started out making mechanical keyboards a few years ago and has since branched out into mice and headsets, all aimed at gamers. Benchmark Reviews has just received their latest product, the RGB-illuminated and programmable Excalibur Spectrum mechanical gaming keyboard, so let’s take a look at it!

ROCCAT Ryos TKL Pro Review
     Sun, Aug 02 2015 | 4:00P | Peripherals | PermaLink
Posted by: STAFF
Cutting off the numpad from the Ryos, the TKL Pro version from ROCCAT offers gamers a zero compromise compact mechanical keyboard. Available in MX Cherry Red, Black, Brown and Blue, the quality of the keys are tried and tested and many will have already found a favourite (black and brown here).

Cherry MX Board 6.0 Review
     Sun, Aug 02 2015 | 12:03P | Peripherals | PermaLink
Posted by: STAFF
With the MX Board 6.0, Cherry offers the sixth version of its mechanical keyboard equipped with Cherry MX Red switches. With a standard layout and without any additional buttons, the Board MX 6.0 is a high-end product suitable for those who are looking for a simple, yet great mechanical keyboards. Cherry equipped this keyboard with a red backlight and apart from that there are F keys with two functions.

Tesoro Lobera Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review
     Fri, Jul 31 2015 | 2:37P | Peripherals | PermaLink
Posted by: STAFF
Although i may have assembled countless PCs in the years i was working as a PC technician (i still do just not as much since I only do it for myself and friends) one thing still continues to puzzle me and that's the reason behind the why people always place the keyboard and mouse last when they decide their new system configuration. Granted these are peripherals that people can swap at will whenever they feel like doing so but at the same time these are two devices that pretty much do the same as the wheel and gear changer inside a car so it's always good to spend money on them if you can (even though your real life doesn't depend on them). Mechanical keyboards are still in their infancy compared to the "classic" membrane ones but they have won the hearts of both gamers and professionals all around the world due to their superior durability, tactile and audio feedback and today we're going to be testing the Lobera Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard by our friends over at Tesoro.

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