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Beginners Guide: How To Install/Remove Intel Socket LGA775 CPU and Heatsink
Beginners Guide: How To Install/Remove Intel Socket LGA775 CPU and Heatsink - PCSTATS
With Intel's latest processor socket LGA775 formfactor, Intel has accomplished a couple of noteworthy things. The first was to substantially reduce the complexity and cost of manufacturing.
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External Mfg. Website: Intel Jan 08 2009   M. Dowler  
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Inserting the socket 775 CPU the right way

Remove your processor from its box and protective covering. To take off the protective cover, hold the processor by its corners and release one of the plastic tabs. Be careful not to touch the contacts on the underside.

Now holding the processor by its sides or corners, look at the bottom. Check for any damage or foreign material on the contacts. Also note the two notches in the sides as pictured below.

These fit into the pair of plastic extensions pictured below on the LGA775 socket, ensuring that the processor is oriented correctly.

Holding the processor by its sides, orient it so that the two socket extensions will fit into the two notches on the processor. Lower the processor gently and vertically down into the socket, ensuring that it is lowered straight and sits evenly. There are two gaps in the plastic wall of the socket that provide space for your fingers as you lower the chip, so use them. For illustration purposes the Intel processor is shown below with the tabs lined up, users should not grip the CPU in this way to install it however.

Note the two spaces in the grey socket frame in the image below, this is where your fingers should grip the Intel processor. The space allows you to slowly and gently lower the CPU into the LGA775 socket. It's advisable not to drop the CPU into place, as that may damage the fragile contact pins.

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Contents of Article: Intel
 Pg 1.  Beginners Guide: How To Install/Remove Intel Socket LGA775 CPU and Heatsink
 Pg 2.  Installing an LGA 775 Processor Safely
 Pg 3.  — Inserting the socket 775 CPU the right way
 Pg 4.  Locking the Processor in Position
 Pg 5.  Apply pressure to the LGA775 CPU
 Pg 6.  Installing the CPU Heatsink Correctly
 Pg 7.  Removing Socket 775 heatsinks and processors safely

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